great song

Nothing does Niki's voice justice like the Japanese language. I've always thought her voice sounded best in Japanese. I have told you that haven't I love??
Ahhh, orgasmic is all I can say. And I believe I did. I was the first to comment when she posted the song on her blog..WeeHooo. If you have a moment alone, sit back and listen to this masterpiece. "therapeutic" is what it is...Take a time out, you deserve it

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crazynik disse...

TYJ sweetie...I'm touched you liked the song. I love you and am really praying for you.
Now you need to start posting your stuff! I miss hearing your beautiful voice. XXXX

Jaydee disse...

yeah its my faourate niki song yet..who produced this? its well done..love ya

out peace

mClay disse...

Phil did it I believe