Couldn't sleep, too many things to stay awake for, like the train. Even when your no where near the tracks trains take you places. Just the sound brings back a thousand pictures... imagine how many words.
She uses the train to escape to early mornings just before school, waiting for the green light even though she'd rather stay inside the car, and good memories too like waking up next to a warm body, waking up next to a warm sunny day, anticipating a hot cup of coffee. Trains represent something good, anticipation, excitement, change. They say all change is good, even a last kiss, a last bit of trust and a fever that changed... everything. Trains close distances, but they expand them too.
It stoped making any sense, it's also not the first time she brought her pillow into the bathroom with her, couldn't be worth much if it wasn't mobile anyway ... things like a pan cake". She should be asleep, in fact she thought she was until she found herself lying there not asleep, awake, letting the train take her away.
She finds herself riding it a lot at absurd hours like 4:21 pm. She doesn't ever really want to go anywhere. She just likes the sound, the movement. It feels safe inside, it makes change more bearable, even exciting.
There is no place she wants to go really so she just hangs on, watches the land scape and scenery change color. She just lets the train chose the destination. But if she could go anywhere, she'd go to sleep.



started reading heaven's Library books "Her day in Court" and now "Two Tests and a Wish".
I'm so proud of myself. I always used to tell myself I'd read more but the Lord kind of had to force me into it. Oh yeah, our home got chicken pox and we have been unable to fellowship for a month and three weeks, around that. Thus the late night book worming
Poor kids, it was tough but predictably the Lord brought the best out of the situation. Unity has been a big aftermath of the quarantine... I mean, we had to do something with ourselves!!
Little Tiffy was the last to get it, we even thought she might not get it at all. "Had us goin there for a while kido", but sure enough she broke out in those terrible little lumps about a month after the first brake out. "you won the contest Tiffy".. thats what we told her.
The feast was also such a high light, our whole home was absolutely thrilled. Amazing things are happening people, amazing things, I mean, I did start reading more.
So to wrap it up we are finally at the end of our quarantine and ling looking forward to hugs and fellowship like never before. All things work together for good.

The End