Christmas highlights.
On the 23 a friend took me to see Avatar in the VIP theater where we drank strawberry margaritas the whole way through. Amazing film, sheer entertainment dramatized by an alien romance, a crippled star performance and an amazing theme that would make Boris "Awe".
Then later while sick in bed, I caught up on some movie watching, a boot leg version of  "New Moon" which is fine cause the dashing vampire kid's skin doesn't ever appear to be satanically twinkling" in sunlight.
I know, I know LAME! but can you blame me? I am compelled by having seen the first one.
Needless to say It was LAME, just like the first one, although something is to be said about Bella's trauma, having every man in her life leave her spontaneously to pursue monsterdom. Hats off to the writer.
So have a great new years every one. And check out this great Chines proverb!
"If you don't think about (ponder, consider) the future, then you won't have a future."
So here's to every one "Pondering" their future. I'm still working out the kinks in mine... I'm sworn to secrecy until its a sure thing!
Peace and joy to the world out!
Bella's Christmas


Die Hard


Maybe die hard is a pointless action film that inspires violence and destruction, but when I see Bruce Willic bloody and soiled in his wife beater, I think of the principal behind the whole "Die Hard" theme. I remember my dad; unyielding to peer pressure in all its faces .
Maybe adopting 7 wild children and their over protective mother wasn't exactly saving the USA from terrorism, but he pulled it off with the very same gusto, some how managed to always get beat up too.

This is ALMOST a spitting image of my da, throw in some twin bushy eye brows and Presto!
Christmas normally is a time when I miss him more then ever, but this year I'm using my father's image to assist me in upholding an old family tradition. 

Bruce takes being a Man to a whole new level.
I'm going to man up to the changes and the pressure, I made the choice today so you could say
Die hard is my theme for the next year.
Happy Birthday dad!!
Ho ho ho

Aw, look how happy Jesus was to get some Christmas Cheer!


I'm so proud of Chantal. We had our grand opening two weeks ago and the English school for children has been very successful thus far.
Looks like the mothers will be wanting to apply for next year as well! Very inspiring!

The first class each child made their own gingerbread house to take home. We made Christmas angels with the kids and had a puppet show "in English".
The mothers are invited into the living room and we keep the coffee coming as well as fresh baked goods.
On top of being great financially and just plain fun, the "Open the Door for the Children" as we call it, has been a great way to meet people and make friends.

PS, you may have notice beer bottles on the work table. Fear not, we didn't have rollers so we had the kids use the beer bottles, turned out to be a smash hit among the moms who thought it was hilarious
xxx hope every one is having a cheerful Christmas 
" I LOVE "!!


~*~ Yahoo Memoirs ~*~

Chapter *1*

: Sam! status report!

: I hope your friends like six packs
: ROAR!!

: sure do
: so u'll be there!

: lets see who's is the best

: I'm bringing some draft beer from Germany.
: Beat that!

: haha
: at this rate i'll be ripped by the time i see you
: lets see who has a better 6 pack
: is it on?

: are you serious?
: u mean, a muscle six pack??

            : yeah man

: ok...hmm...good challenge, I have a secret wepon
: lets see who's method is better
: got to go work out
: see ya

: lets see who finishes first

          ~~~~~~~               *             ~~~~~~~~

two people
four weeks
one challenge
one winner

................Did NOT know what he was dealing with?? Weaker sex my Rock Sold Butt!

to be continued