I fished a foot ball out of the water Easter Sunday, my sister held my legs as I leaned over board doing 30 MPRs. Alcohol had something to do with it for sure but I also remember just wanting to fall off the boat, the only real danger being the boats propeller which you could probably clear relatively easily. The look on Matt's face was one of complete horror as he moved quickly to slow the boat. My sister would have been the one to snatch it if she wasn't the one holding me inside the boat.
Great time, Happy Easter!


Muscle Confusion

No we're not working out in the morning, we're working out toNIGHT!!
Just when you think it's Techno, RAP! Wait! ohh no its Metal.
Confuse the hell out of those Muscles !!


My planned summer vacation

where can you find ALL this in the same location ??

 Who'da thought
we were originally going to Germany and then France but when I saw these pictures of Albania it didn't take any guessing.


This month is going to be particularly exhausting. We are getting new jobs in the down town Houston aria (Vanessa, Sherrie and I) moving into our own place and buying another car all at once. There didn't seem to be the option of doing one of the above at a time.
it seems over whelming and some times I feel the girls don't think we can make it, at least not get everything we want all at once, we've spoken about compromising on certain things like the apartment, the one I believe we can afford would be as tropical and beautiful as living on a resort in the Bahamas and economical as well considering gas prices and how close we will be to our various work places. However, we all really want to save money, I want to go back to Bosnia in six months and Sherrie would also like a trip back to Europe. None of us want to find ourselves stuck in a situation we'll have nothing to show for after its done.
I haven't been able to sleep for a while because I am always thinking about a way to make this work, about Sadmir. He doesn't think it would be much fun coming to the US. Once in Bosnia we'll be able to go to Germany, France and maybe a few other places. He has the "not as much fun" part right.
I'm stressed, this is a rant... I just needed to vent.
I want to be on a plane again soon, I want to find myself sleeping in strong arms again. But I want to make sure I am not leaving important parts of my life undone as well, which is why I'm not in Breza right now learning to make cakes with Dade.
I just have to focus, I already know what I want and need to do first, this year better turn up with some results.