I'm not one of those people who were excited about the changes regarding sex with outsiders.
I truthfully like Family boys. Everything about them, but I've bit down and made the move successfully.
This last year there have been rock stars, attractive young interns at a hospital, surfer dudes and my favorite so far, a cross dressing lines-man. see below
That's a lot of boy friends in a small amount of time, every one seems to be really hung up on having a boy friend or girl friend out here. So even if you never have sex with the individual, they will call you their GF. If they take you out, kiss you in public thats what you are. The term "what are we" or "where is this going" is one you'll hear the world over.
Another very interesting feature is in my new found sex life. I quite simply don't have sex with most of these guys until we have dated for a few weeks or months. Naturally the rock star was the one acception. It seems that men think girls who take it to third base on the first night are messy, possibly inbred and not to be taken seriously. So it is with pretty much any one who acts impulsively with sex.
In the Family although not common, I didn't have too many reservations on having sex the first night mainly because I knew I wasn't waking up to a drug addict or diseased individual. Working at a bar has helped me build a pretty good list of stereotypes so I usually know whom to avoid.
Ultimately these new guys are not so bad. They can be emotional with anger issues, ultra jealous, drawn to acts of violence, or sometimes just overly trusting, I still think you'll find they are usually ready to make you top priority and even the biggest and baddest seems to have been waiting for you his whole life. Also monogamy becomes easier to practice when you develop a healthy fear of sex with acquaintances.
Falling in love is another issue all in it's self. Most men wont understand why you don't blush when they kiss your hand or how you can go weeks without as much as a phone call.
You have to have a heart before you know where home is. Once you sort all that out everything else falls into place....I think.
I spent last week at the Cervantino festival, so many guys from the Family all around. I looked but didn't touch, not this time. It all gets easier.
So be sweet, stay classy and have a good time.

Marie Clay