The Art of Seduction

The word itself makes me tingle, seduction can be one of many things; a soft touch in the right place at the right time, a smile given from across the room. Eye’s that say “let’s sneak out of here before I’m forced to make a fool of myself by sexing you right here on the dance floor”.
Scoring comes naturally for some, others need a little more help such as mutual flirtation or a sign from the second party that things look promising. Some people wait for their muse to do all the work
However I believe a truly seductive person is some one who is not only positive about him/her self but also help to make the second party feel seductive, desired, I’ve herd girls say “like I was the only one in the room”.

Niki Rudow, now there is some one who has fire in her eyes. Niki is a first choice element to a wild night for guys and girls alike though if you knew her personally I think her true nature would surprise you. To me its proof on two, long legs that a seductive person isn’t a totally secure one who feels the world moving adoringly around them, and that's a good thing as it's an icky feeling being around some one who is self absorbed. No matter how much they claim to want you there is something about them that makes you feel like their bathroom mirror, it’s all so rehearsed and you can practically visualize them saying it to themselves. This is where being corny comes in. Nothing is better then the nude, natural nature of the human persona. Every one has seduction lurching behind that shy veneer. I find myself aroused by the dorkiest of people. Steve (Stem) for example, I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. Just couldn’t believe the bloke was only 19 and on top of that, off limits for six months due to some mix up on what the border lines are between MM/FD extra ordinary activities.
I think corny people are sexy because they just don’t’ know it, they aren’t yet polluted by the “how do I look” complex or have at least grown out of it so they have the elated ability to cut lose and make themselves look a fool. Not saying they don’t think about how they look, but ultimately they are less likely to avoid doing something simply because it will make them look stupid, this is why they are so much more fun. My sister Steph has this aptitude. She is a nerd without a doubt (I say that with great care Steffy). To our family she had the worst sense of humor, if humor indeed is all about timing, her timing sucked. But relentlessly Stephanie was able to bag these great guys. Japanese, Mexican, Caucasians, Homies from the hood. None were safe from her bad humor.
Now you say, “That’s great, you seem to have it down.” But why is it then you are alone and miserable”?
Good question! Firstly, I am not alone, or miserable. I am passionately involved with Jesus and loving him intimately is working quite well for me !
Anyhow I have always been more of an observer. Picture that sickly looking person wearing the white coat besides doctor Frankenstein who is holding all the frightening apparatuses. Do you think they ever come up with great ways to reanimate the human corps? NO! They just want to be there when it all goes down, so they’ll earn a degree and work long and hard at KNOWING things so they can get the job. I seem to have all the required specification for some one romanticaly advisable. I find myself being the advocate to all my girl and guy friends emotional needs while some how my romantic life, relationships ext, seem to be cascading down behind me. Never mind that, I’m here for you" I'll say while brushing bitts of wreckage of my shoulders.
My life has only recently cleared of debris TYJ. That’s why I am starting a new blog; a fresh start. It’s not that heart brake ever stops hurting BTW. For those of you who are looking to me for a victorious testimony. As I told a close friend, it never stops hurting, but with time you slowly forget about it; it stops digging an endless trench in your mind and one day you say “hey, I’ve not thought about that person in days”! Weeks and months will begin to fill your life with new memories and such.
So, after a long tedious attempt to rediscover myself I some how closed off the sensual side of me. I wasn’t completely closed off, I socialized, made friends and some short term romances here and there, but I some how forgot how it felt to be seduced, to so lovingly cater to my hair with cute pins and the side of me who used to fill my drawers with feverishly sexy underwear, to adorn my face with girlish make up, to thoroughly enjoy sex, to bite down on my lip just thinking about fornicating with a yummy some one. In fact, I haven’t had sex in a long time and to be honest I was content to just be the Lord’s bride.
However as fate would have it, during my trip to the US, I roomed with my dear friend Niki during word stock. By more then just fate but perhaps divine intervention, Niki “unfortunately” was rendered semi-unavailable for Word Stock. I watched as she turned down guy after guy. What a shame. In some cases I even had to be the bearer of bad news. But had it not been for the cat who was so unfortunately aloof, the mouse would have never had a chance to play. And play I did.
I came home feeling blessed, refreshed to be part of such a cool Family and people “my age” who without hesitancy push forward living by God’s law of love.
Something I had always been on the giving end of was now reaching out to receive me with strong trusty arms. It was a first. I even had one sweet friend offer me her beloved husband for company. You guy’s all made the Word Stock experience truly revolutionary and memorable, as if being able to play music, see my family and enjoy incredible bands ("STEM" raaaHHH!) and company wasn’t rousing enough.
Then came the long trip back and subsequent party to welcome me home. Which brings me back to seduction. Some people haven’t a clue”! Every one is deferent, for some it’s an ever so slight touch, for other’s it’s a brutal tackle to the floor. Please, do not tackle me to the floor. I am a soft touch girl. God’s greatest sexual advice to us is “do unto others as you would have them to you”. I live by that. If I’m not leaving bruises on you it’s because I don’t like being bruised! I may have the look of a wild thing, but as I said above, I am a mouse.
I think some people aren’t very good at reading body language so I’ll just print it out for those of you interested as the sex fiend in me has awaken from it’s sedated utter.
When you greet me walk over and kiss me on the check, just right beside my nose; Don’t try and get away with one of those cheap shot “oops, I was aiming for your cheek and some how BOOM, how romantic of me”!
When we dance, don’t grope me, (this does not include horse play)
Try and remember “mouse”. I am extremely sensitive, my skin pretty much is one big erogenous zone.
More Don’ts and Musts'
Don’t come up to me and declare that you are spending the night as if I’ll respond with “be there in a jiffy”! I am not your escort and am not being paid! I have an unwilling desire to always pursue abusive relationships/and men. If you are an egotistical, womanizing, liar, who plans on turing my heart into an omelet, please STAY away from me! I totally understand it’s not your fault and I’ve been making my way to you at every single dance night begging to be let in; you must fight it, I am self destructive and you MUST persist!
As for the sweet guys who I usually avoid, if I like you you may not be able to tell, I’m shy and have always been insecure! Sorry to make this tough on you but I am after all printing it out.
Hold my face in your hand, but don’t kiss me. I love mystery. If you are a risky kind of guy and you chose to kiss me, do it softly, a bit at a time. Taste my lips, don’t try and digest them, the full insides of your mouth should remain a secret, remember…mystery!

If I don’t say much to you, don’t give up. When you catch me staring at you with a big grin from across the room time and time again, by then it’s pretty safe to say I like you. When I really like some one I’ll smile at them a lot but I wont say much. Please take note that if you don’t receive any of the above, you may stop trying. Make friend’s with me, I love guys all together and will be a very reliable and resourceful ally in getting you future dates and on top of that I come with a life long warranty of reliability and fun, plus easy to replace trust if you have hurt me.
To those of you continuing on in this escapade please be advised, I almost never jump into bed with a guy, if I do this with you, then believe it or not it’s either a bad sign or depending on the factors involved was perhaps afraid it was my one chance..
Do not take sex from me, you may find yourself bitting off more then you can chew.

Once we have both established that we like each other, feel free to take what ever you want. Ask me for anything.
I can be very giving.

Love and Kisses...Obvious Anonymous

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Anônimo disse...

we are much alike..u and i,i and you......us!

mClay disse...

Oh Phill...hold me"

crazynik disse...

Awww hun, you see through the eyes of love...I'm no seductress. You know that. Heh
But it was wonderful seeing you at Wordstock and rooming with you was such an extra special blessing from the Lord. I love you! XXXX

mClay disse...

love you too Nik...you looked great BTW..keep up the good work!