Pray for Jojo

Dear Ones ,Please help me with your prayers and Extreme praises on this big trial and serious situation. When I got the news ,The Holly spirit gave me the verses: "And we know that all things work together for good,,," and "The what the enemy meant for evil,The Lord shall use to bring about a great victory.Joseph is now clay on the potter's hands..."PTL. Yesterday,as Victor and I came home from our Bible study with Luis and Kristy's family we got some bad news: My son Joey (21) ,was staying with Sam and Angel in Columbus Ohio.At about 3pm.He was walking to the mall to meet with them.but he never made it! eventually some one saw him on the side of the road and called 911.He was admitted some time in the late afternoon at Memorial Hospital,in Columbus OH. with several fractures on his skull ,a fractured collar bone ,a broken jaw ,broken nose.He also had air pockets on the brain and the doctors say that can cause him sleep into a coma! Joey didn't remember what happened to him. I was finally able to talk to him but the nurse told me it wasn't of much use as he might not remember much.I just asked her to put the phone in his year...I didn't told him who I was ,I just read from Psalms.I called several times at night and At the last time i called I told him :"Joey I want to pray for the night....I told him good night and with much difficulty he replied "I love you mom." This morning I called the hospital several times but could not talk to him. He is heavily sedated with morphine! I talked to the nurse for a update.and there are good news.The air pokets on his brain are almost gone.(They went to his face !!!!) ,also they can't find the fracture on the collar bone....Joseph is now clay on the Potter's hands! The Lord is remaking him and I am so thankful! I'll write more about him later...there are lots of lessons here. Please pray for a miracle recovery,for him to be able to hear the Word .For wisdom for the people caring for him.And last but not least,pray for me. I am in the victory about it,most of the time but sometimes I get tested and fail ! Pray for Victor as well.for encouragement and strength. Love you lots.Pandita.

Joey Just turned 21..
Love you Babe, my heart and prayers are with you, In Jesus name you'll be ok!!

Ur Ree ree


Please pray for Jojo

He's in the hospital with a broken collar bone, Jaw bone, nose and smashed skull. and he has air in his brain. His memory is slowly coming back to him after a lot of prayer and he was able to talk to mom over the phone. He doesn't remember what happened to him.
Please pray for my brother's complete healing, not only physically but spiritually.


"what the heck"!!

I really have no idea whats going on... I mean.. what the heck.
I do know this, my mind is made... because Jesus "insinuated" that I should go ahead and continue to Guadalajara, I am flying out at 8 am.
I'll miss Pomona. This photo in loving memory

I loved all who were positive, in the event of my demise. 2pac

Kevin! There are NO dancing girls...this IS the Going away PARTY, DEAL with it!

Dr Dre Tribute

I’ve drunk bile in my bones
At the grandest of delusions,
And reached alto in the Thrones (or "phones"??)
To clamber up confusions.

And so I soared from seas of night
And floated on the moon,
I met a girl of grand delight
And made her swan to swoon.

To douse my head, and wipe my pen;
To write—to think!—of better men.

In Honor of one of my favorite writers, Dre
Excerpts from "Epiphany of the Creative" & "The Writers Bewilderment".

I love you Dre, and I pray for you.
Cheers to the goode times


men are insightful

Men are so insightful.
Sam and Marty have been trying to convince me to buy things from them as they are starting an new business. While Sam is explaining the infinite possibilities of the "i touch", Marty is trying hard to say the same thing, only Sam is more animated, so he wins...this time.
But that didn't stop Marty form trying..."Marie, marie, marie, marie, marie..."What is it Marty!! I demand. "Sorry. He says, my ram wasn't fast enough". Oh, that explains the monotone repetition.

Pop corn is all I've eaten for two days. Why? because there is no more bread for peanut butter and molasses sandwiches. The situation looks pretty bleak. I just stopped myself from pouring pop corn into my coffee cup, the coffee machine was right by the pop corn pot, and I'm clearly not in my right mind without peanut butter.
So Sam's been mad at me all morning. You can always tell Sam is mad when he answers you with rhetorical questions. Right now his belly is the only thing keeping him from being sucked into the computer.
Sam's insight..."some times your a real pain". I wasn't doing anything, just sitting here eating pop corn with a cup of joe. But knowing Sam there is a reason for this sudden open heart.
What makes you say that? I ask sweetly. "Cause, some times you'll be all fun and laughing, then you'll be all serious, sitting there with those eyes.
I look to my beloved brother trying to see if maybe he can make sense of Sams "insight".
Martin agrees... yeah, some times you'll be all "Sam, where is the formula??
I jog my memory, maybe they both have gone insane and are confusing me for my sister, then I realized it was me after all. I did ask for the baby formula... it was me...how could I have been so cruel as to ask Sam for the baby formula. "I'm sorry Sam, the baby was screaming and hungry and, and... there's no point. I am ashamed. But at least Sam got that off his chest. We can go on being friends now.

Obscure... why do they catch me asking for formula but don't even flinch when Steph says aloud. "I'm going to the car to get the strap on!
Just so you all know, steph uses a "Strap on" baby carrier for little Aidan. I guess well all just accept that in good faith.

"if thats what your into"

New Zealand guys are sexy...


stud shopping...simply no good deals

Angie, thanks for the most chaotic night I've had in years.
Just between us two, Clubs are not the right places to "fellowship".
Where the heck is the luck of the Irish?? Seems to me you may have lost your lucky charm... never mind, who needs charm when your from Switzerland... Thank God you brought your birth certificate or no one would have believed us.

and these little piggies cried RAAHHHH" WOOORRRRR" RAAAAAA" all the way home


if I may

I'm here with my brother Marty, well actually, next to me is a 4 month old child trying his hardest to make what sounds like a colossal poop. I fear for the mother.
So yes, I missed my flight but I think the Lord has a secret reason for allowing it.
Martin Goode just popped in from NYC, hes been traveling and doing gigs with a Jaz and Blues cover band. Other then losing his 500$ tux, it's SoOO nice to see my brother in good mental and physical health. Must take full advantage of every awkward moment spent trying to understand his humor. And yes Martin, that was a joke. HA HA. try and laugh along.

Steph is working out, Sam is sleeping like a big fat cat, and Ambie is no doubt editing photos while trying to keep up with her two sons, one of which just finished relieving himself and I'm sure is in need of assistance.

So I'm steeling photos from off Marty's computer, never seen before as Marty has a bad habit of neglecting the family tradition of sharing the "scoop". I never hear from my brother and when I finally do, he is his own man with a job, a career, and what seems to be... Street Smarts! Lovely
Now these great photos will be posted on my blog where I can enjoy time and time again in the company of...myself as usually no one else gives a rats furry little butt about your little brother's artsy way of accentuating human body parts, like... say feet.


the dark cloud

I knew it would happen one day, with all the flying I do, I mean, why would every one always be so freaked about about it if it never happened? "you have to be there two hours in advance".. why does every one always say that! Because precious, some times traffic is so thick you can't see the road in front of you, some times there will be a road hog who will absolutely refuse to let you cross to get to your exit. Some times, it just happens.
at least now I can use the greatest excuse in the world for not being where your supposed to be, " I missed my flight"... say it slowly... "you missed your flight". Now let it sink in. There are worse things. Like being kicked out of your home, or your country, or having your kids taken away from you. None of the above do I have to worry about, so I'm totally at peace. maybe the Lord wants me to spend more time with marty, call all the people I haven't got to see while in the US. Maybe he knew I needed more time to make cash. maybe Sam isn't ready to let go just yet.. maybe my shuttle to Guadalajara is going to crash some where miles away from civilization where i'll only have naked Indians to keep me company.
Love you
See you when I see you.



I'm learning about love lately. The genius of something so affective that even stubborn hearts and minds can still be changed threw its power. Love isn't just holding on threw a storm of adversities, but its also letting go, letting the one you want to rescue go knowing you've done everything you can; leaving them to face their maker on their own. Love is trusting the Lord for the out come knowing that he loved us first.
Love is that peace on a mother's face when all of her kids are screaming and crying in the back seat.
Love is building your life on the foundation of some one else's dreams, love is strong enough to hold some one close when they are pushing themselves over the edge. Love kisses, caresses and only sees beauty in a face that's been worn beyond repair.
I'm not an expert on love, please forgive me for being a guru. Truthfully I think I've made mistakes regarding profound love. Still it moves me deeply to see selflessness, people who smile threw adversity for the sake of their children, people who cope with emotional torture for the sake of a greater cause.
This last month I've seen and felt more love then I believe I could ever muster up myself. I fear being a good mother, a good lover, even a good friend. Still, every time I look at my own mother, my sister and my very close friends, I realize in truth they are all very much like me, and the kind of love this life demands of us is so much deeper then we ourselves could ever take credit for to begin with. Only God's love could possibly fill the void. I believe that when my family and friends have reached the end of their rope, when they look up they'll always see Jesus at the other end ready to give more slack, cause he never runs out.
I know he can do the same for me, This year I asked him for the kind of love that gives and gives. I really don't think I feel it, but I know there is more slack just waiting for me when I need it.

This year I want to love you, I want to encourage you to wait for your turn. I want to hold you when you need the comfort and let you go when you need the air. I want to trust you while I build your faith in me.
I want to admire your strength, be amazed by your beauty and thrilled for your success.
I want to do all this without sarcasm or secret contempt. I want to make you believe I admire you enough to point and laugh at you without making you feel insecure. I want to only pay you genuine complements so you wont think I'm superficial. I wont only write you, call you and satisfy you when I want something in return, you wont hear from me once a year when I need a favor.
I'll pray for you when you need prayer. I'll pay for the meal. Friends like you are a quality investment
I want to offer you all the love thats been available to me.



I just love Stephanie to pieces! She is....something special!