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Following the eating habit of a worm.

I'm sure Worms, like the Illuminati, know things they keep hidden from the masses in order to maintain absolute health while the rest of the world withers and dies of cancer and STDs .
Motive? Worms EAT us, worms eat people!
Worms found in your pantry that leave webs, skin remnants or eggs, are know as “inch worms” or "The Indianmeal moth worms”. Yes I said moth. Actually a lot of the "worms" you find in your pantry are really just moth larva, so no, its not cute when moths fly out of your pantry.
So being that we are just under the food chain I decided it was wise to do some research.
We already know proper eating habits are essential to long life, health/strength and even beauty. These things put you ahead of the game. How do we know where to start in achieving omnipotence? How do we become one step ahead of our enemy, the worm, in this case the Indian meal moth/worm? You can start by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Have you ever seen a worm dive into a barrel of sugar? Even if it's raw, natural sugar??
DO worms go for the white flour or the whole? Maybe both but which is given preference?
Does the ice berg lettuce often have worms hiding in it's layers, or is that your real green vegetables like broccoli and spinach?
have you EVER in your life found worms in the white rice?
how about the whole rice?
Oat meal, does it have worms?

I have also noticed that worms will go straight for the nuts (almonds, pecans) far before the sugar covered raisins that have been sitting open in the pantry for two weeks.
In fact worms pretty much avoid sugar with the acceptance of chocolate in many cases. Can you blame them?
Now if you've been starving your worms and keeping your natural, unprocessed foods under lock and key, they may just get desperate and go for the beans.
"Beans? you ask. Yes! I've often founds worms drilling holes through our homes bean stash but that's usually when everything else has become impossible for them to reach. But we already know beans are part of healthy eating habits. Though beans are highly infamous, their nutritional value is kept secret or down played in most western countries by the Illuminati
My point being....
Think like a worm!