The Nano of Many Colors

The Lord lead us to this great guy, wonderful friend and supporter. His name is Jesus, say that in Spanish and you'll have it.
It was like Christmas in February when he took Tina and I for a night on the town. The highlight of the trip was when he got us some i pods.
These are apparently no ordinary i pods. Mine is golden, I chose yellow but it came out golden.
The next few days were spent exploring the wonders of our pods. We are currently loading Stem's lattes for exercising purposes.
Tonight while walking into the kitchen I felt a special kinship with my i pod. I held it near my nose and whispered something like, "it can think".
A crowed began to gathered. Some people in our home have i pods, not like this tho . I've never known what it was like to have my own, if ever I used one it was never mine and now, here I was, sheltering the latest i pod nano with the rotating screen in the palm of my hand. It was everything they said it would be.
Mine, my own, my precious.
Some one reached out to take it from me and I jerked backward. It was Martin, a look of pain swept across my bewildered face. He wanted it, I could see it in his eyes.
There was an awkward silence. "Some one in the Bible once received a colorful gift". he was right and I new it.
The next five minuets were spent relating the i pod to Joseph's fancy coat and his jealous brothers.
"and she saw their little mp3s bowing to her nano. And the golden nano was like the sun, and the mp3 players like the many little stars. And again they bowed for the nano.
Martin was right. This thing was becoming a God. I threw it in my drawer and slammed it shut.
wanna SEE IT??!!... ok nm.


Valentines Day Post

Have you ever seen a beautiful girl with this ugly guy ?,or this gorgeous guy with with an ugly girl:but all the wile they look so in love? And have you ever took the time to ponder why?''

That's how I started my classes at the juvenile centers this month,in both counties

At Valentines all teens get extra curious about the subject of Love. And in detention,without the distraction of the opposite sex,we were able to explore the subject of LOVE!
How to find it?How to keep it? What qualities should we look for on the other?What is a true friend? Should we bring God into our personal relationships?
What a wonderful subject. I think I grew a little more this month...right along with the teens.
We shared POWER POINTS on the subject from Tommy's window.
Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Valentines day!

Christina Goode

happy Valentines day

I fear you my have misread me and so feel compelled to tell you something, and that is that its not your shinny eyes, your feverishly handsome smile, or that you are usually impeccably dressed.
It's not your muscles or the way your warmth feels pressed against me.
These things are all too familiar and could never compensate, for its your silence dear, your deportment. Its the calm in your eyes when I've blown out a 300 words per minuet, hopeless rant . It's your consistency, regardless of my latest attempts to unravel things. It's your will to remain focused on the goal rather then the many obstacles. Its your dedication to our reason for being here that started me thinking. That's when I knew you were something more then shinny eyes and bulky muscles.

It's that you are my friend.
I hope that after we have been pulled inside out and romance has danced her fickle number on our kindred spirits, friends is what we'll be.

PS. Happy birthday.



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