Hey guys! Pray for me mKay??
My world is about be be outrageously rocked (again) and I can't wait to see where on God's green earth I shall end up... who knows, maybe I'll wander up to ur doorstep and let myself in... my next room mate could be YOu, or YOu, or yes.. even YOU!
Actually, I have this feeling I'll wined up some place very remote where I'll end my days quietly trimming roses, polishing wine glasses that haven't been used in centuries! That would be quite a change no? Change is good, when ever I think of change, I think of being rapped helplessly in menacing, yet hopelessly mysterious arms, my conflicting emotions "Yes, NO, Yes, No, Yes, no, YES"!
As you can imagine, I'm a little on the nervous side, quiet and collected yes, always, but my voice tends to give way to restrained emotions like "Hey Rachelle, these beans are super gOOOOD!!
Don't worry, I finally have a clue of the Lord's objective in making me run around like a chicken with my head cut off. You see, as many a wise doctor will conclude, the best way to get an insane person well, is to help them confront their insanity until they become board of it and simply grow out of it, like a teen age obsession relatable to wearing baggy pants, Sponge Bob under-wear, or black lip liner.. Don't look at me that way, Sponge Bob taught me a lot about positivity, he is an icon for many a morbid youth.
So All I have to do is continue never knowing who, what, where or when, until I finally grow mature spiritually and have greater faith to ask the Lord for step by step, Exact direction.
simple as pie



And NOW....................................My Stunningy Sexy Photo, taken in my very own messy closet!!

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The Illuminati hates Beans

Do you know why Brazilians have such amazing physiques? It's the beans I tell you!
There isn't a decent place you can go to eat here that wont offer a variety of bean plates. Even the smaller restaurants always have black beans and rice.

The first home I came to in Brazil would pretty much eat beans for lunch five days out of the week. It took some time to get accustomed to it, but now when I don't have beans served with a meal at least 4 times a week, I start to twitch; feel like something is missing.
Nothing can satisfy you like some well made black beans and whole rice, with just these two you are guarantied ALL the vitamins and minerals a healthy minded person would strive to obtain in a well balanced diet.
It seems to me that the lower class Brazilians are even MORE fit then ones who have the cash to eat out every meal. We all know beans are dirt cheap so my theory is,... the poor have healthier bodies because beans are pretty much all they can afford!
I think we should have a bean revolution in the Family, maybe even write a GN about it.
I only wish I had eaten more beans as a child.
If your a dieter and eat salad for your main-corse, you may notice yourself hungry all the time and feeling like you could topple over if some one even blew on you, "TRY BEANS"! They'll make you feel healthy, help you slim down, and make you feel well fed.
If your a guy trying to build extra muscle but all that starch is slowing down your routine, "TRY BEANS"! They'll feed your muscles and give you a high relatable to three cups of coffee without leaving your head feeling heavy that way you can burn more fat and make more muscle!!

I am starting to believe the Illuminati down plays them because they want us to be weak and deprived of healthy lifestyles.
SCREW those freaking salad diets girls... they are leaving you pail and thin! Beans will help you lose unwanted wait and also tighten you up; you can forget about taking extra vitamins to compensate for the lack of nutrition in your cabbage diets!
I almost want to have my own kids JUST to make them learn bean nutrition facts. I'll like, raise a horde of athletes!
I mean, just look at the logistics, Brazil has the best soccer team IN THE WORLD... "BEANS"! The players eat beans!!
They are yummy too, Black beans are my personal favorites, throw in some whole rise and you have a full meal, you don't even need a salad!


For centuries, dried beans and other pulses have served as a primary protein source for many cultures. Dried beans and their cousins still are dietary staples in many parts of the world, though "modern," but not necessarily healthier diets are supplanting these nourishing foods from everyday and customary consumption. While developing countries’ populations may be turning away from highly nutritious and indigenous foods such as beans, many consumers in wealthier, more developed countries are adding more dry beans to their diets. Growing interest in various ethnic cuisines and knowledge of the benefits of eating more plant-based foods are contributing to renewed research and increased popularity and consumption of beans in certain countries.


According to the United Stated Department of Agriculture, analyses show that people who eat beans consume more vitamins and minerals than individuals who don’t eat beans.

A serving – 1/2 cup of cooked dry beans – supplies about 120 calories and lots of complex carbohydrates, though beans offer a low-glycemic index value. In other words, the carbohydrates in beans do not cause as quick or as steep a rise in blood sugar as do many other carbohydrate-rich foods.

Beans are a good source of B vitamins including folic acid. Beans also provide the minerals iron, potassium, selenium, magnesium and even some calcium. Dried beans and their cousins also are a good source of insoluble fiber, which promotes digestive health and relieves constipation. Beans also provide soluble fiber, which can help reduce fat levels in the blood.

Beans provide little fat and absolutely no cholesterol.

Don't be a fool, eat more beans!! Start today. I mean, where do you think we get all this sex-appeal.. do you think it just falls from off our Trees??

Sorry I could find nothing better to post about


fighting skills

do you ever get discouraged with yourself? I mean, so discouraged that you feel like throwing in the towel; you can't do jack right. You hate the way you talk, look, act, then you fall into this state of mind and the worse you seem, the worse you get.
You know the devil is fighting hard, but then again, he always is and the fight seem so ...traditional.
You look at the old promises the Lord gave you and they seem almost unrealistic.
You fall, and fall into a spiritual depression. Then you realize, you never got better, you were always a mess.
What was it then that carried you through some amazing times of braking and re-making?
You know only the Lord can take you through it, but some how the enemy has gotten in and now, you even have a hard time seeing the Lord's love for you and His plan for your life.
May I suggest more word time? Might I add a good slap in the face! I mean, YEAH" who ever said you were supposed to have already finished the fight? Who told you you were perfect anyway?
look what I just read from the "nothing is too hard for Jesus"GN, paragraph 72.

The Enemy knows that if he can get you to doubt the fundamental truth, whether by condemning you and reminding you how short you fall, or by making you wonder when the battle will ever end, or bringing up some mistake or sin in your heart, or what ever other tactic he might try--- if he can make you wonder whether you can be victorious, or whether it is possible to win the battle, then he has taken away your faith, your most powerful weapon. He has effectively disarmed you and anything you do from that point on, until you regain your knowledge of that basic truth, is just going to wear you out and be so much waist of effort. Because your faith, My loves, is the victory that over comes the world.


So then I started thinking, man, I wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual rulers of the darkness of this world. That means that this whole world is against me, US, the chosen of God.

prg 66. You are wrestling against Spiritual opponents that are strong and devious, and they will make things rough on you.

Why would Hell ever give up for one second to take a time out?
The other day we were discussing how the Witches and Warlocks seem to have a better relationship with their God then most Christians do with Jesus. They have a lot of faith in their demons/imps and spells but where is our faith in our spirit helpers and the many weapons of the spirit?
God forbid we should ever cave into a lesser power. For all of heaven is on our side, there is no weakness in us that can't be over-shadowed by Jesus' perfection. And if the devil can get us to hate ourselves enough, then he has given The Lord the room to shine all the brighter. When I hate myself it just makes me love Jesus more.
But some times these attacks can be so powerful that even our connection is hindered because we feel the Lord doesn't want to be bothered with our problems, maybe he is discouraged with us.

prg 83. When you feel that he is attacking your link with me, telling you that your worthless or that I don't love you, that you've messed up too many times, when you feel your mind and sences are relentlessly being bombarded with his thoughts and lies and fears and pictures, when you feel that your barely hanging on, or that the life of some one you love or are Shepherding is at stake and you don't know what to do, you MUST go deeper into me.

He doesn't expect to much of us, he is always comforting and gentle. Discouragement just begets discouragement, its one of the oldest tricks in the book, don't let the devil use it on you, and if he does, huff, just blow it off, no big deal. Happens to every one from time to time.
Keep fighting fighters!!


Let me sow love (aka, food and toys

so here is a bit of Cheer for you... my dear :D

Jess and I sorting through toys for our CTP project.

Rafa and I helping make bags of food for a favela!

TYJ for all the many ways you show us to be your love to other's however insignificant.


(22 yr ol) - A idade do louco

I don't feel like birthdays are much to fuss over anymore. I didn't have anything spacial in mind but I just knew I didn't want the usual party,. I had planned a day at the beach but its been raining so the that will have to wait till cheerier weather.
Then, our sheep ( Lord willing new disciple, please pray for him because the devil is putting up a lot of glitter to get him to forget the idea of joining. His name is Rafa) called and wanted to throw together a trip up the Mountains. We had been talking about it for a while but being that the next day was my birthday, it was the perfect excuse to just DO IT.
things weren't looking too promising with the weather and all; I still had a lot of work to do around the house, but there comes a time when you have to stop being a martyr and say "hell yes I'm going to spend the night on a mountain with you"! I prayed the Lord would hold the rain for me and sure enough he did, Thank you my love BTW, you have the best ways of surprising me.
Getting away from everything has been my greatest desire for the last few months, thus the poem just below.
So, to make a long climb and a totally righteous night short, I'll post the pictures.

Umm, star gazing

the fight for early morning last drop

the fight for privacy

In Brazil they say "A idade dos locuos e 22" (22 is the age of crazy people) Thanks to the guys we did my 22th birthday justice. Tks so much Mala, Rafa and Jesus... I love you