the keys of EXCELLENCE"!!

Well every one, its a new day and all that implies, new jobs, new homes, new friends and people to work with... New Life!
Pray for me and my new teem that we can get everything done in God's time.
I like to ask the Lord for personal keys for various challenges so he gave me this one for the new situation.
New Key:
Call on the keys or growth and change and rise to the occasion in full faith. When you put Me on the spot and trust me for your future I combine these two keys for the best results to help you reach EXCELLENCE in all your new objectives.

mARIE Clay



How bout a sprightly, young man with that free day?
Joe and I found great pleasure in snapping shots of each other, the scenery was perfect and the sun emphasized the golden glow in Joe's eyes. I'm going to have as much fun posting these as I did taking them.

I really like this one on the tracks. Photos are a great way to explore each other, it's a lot of fun but there is also something very humbling about it

So hansom. (twinkle twinkle!)


What could be more rewarding?

Christina Good has applied herself to working with teens and young adults for year . Today she receives her first award at the Annual Appreciation banquet sponsored by Bexar County department of Corrections. It officially acknowledges the love and commitment her work entails. but we never needed a plaque did we mom?
"This might be my " Obra Prima" Ministry (beside raising you kids..." she said over chat.
She met with three Judges and is being asked to give counseling to not only the Juveniles but the guards responsible for their care.

Mom and her Captain, Chaplain Al Logan.

Prior to her work, mom received 21 years of working with Juvenile delinquents aka, sons, who are as thrilled about the reward as she. (no pun intended Marty)

Photo of mom at home with her award.