note to Tin Man

A piece of me disclosed beneath my bed
Silently remembers what I chose to forget
That feeling of you, just you and nothing
My once blissfully youth
Now aged and wanting.

Some times I wake, my hands levitating
As if a hollow shell I’m will-lessly caressing
Confused, my heart knows it’s real
But I won’t cry
Just ignore my insides though they hurt to feel.
Still I can’t deny
I’ve known what it’s like
To give up my spirit and aspire to die

This invisible pain I don’t feel
When I sleep becomes real
And I dream with things I don’t know
Making love to a ghost
Something whispers
I wasn’t supposed
To sleep with an aching heart
I wasn’t supposed
To feel so alone when it’s dark

And I
Once bold and open
Now closed and broken

How can I deny
Soft skin when it isn’t mine
When it haunts my feverish core
My head won’t let me remember
Can’t put a face on my murderer
Or pains that makes me beg for more
I wake wrestling
My sheets breach to swallow me whole

So many faces
But not every time I gave my soul
Making love in dark places
Where it’s hard to tell friend from foe

My final conclusion
I want no solution
My self made delusion will reprogram my mind
Memories of love will cease
Till the truth yields to it’s leash
Or completely is vanished with time

To Tin-man

I bare my naked soul
Because you are my brother
This far I will go
But no farther
Don’t allow your heart to brake
Make no mistakes
Chose to discover
That truth can be found
In the pieces of a broken lover
That are scattered all around

But if your heart is convinced
Then loves not lost it’s innocents
and you are all the more provident

5 comentários:

Jaydee disse...

Thats nice Marie...but....umm...but what about me?

Christine disse...

Hey hey! I took that picture!!

Yey I've been made into a celerybrity! I feel I could fly, really.

mClay disse...

nice...great pic there Christine..I think it bring out my brother's ture nature

Jaydee disse...

didn't answer my question...

mClay disse...

I'll answer ur question with a question.."what about you"??