"The guys of my life"

Now for the post I have been most adamant about blogging.
To the guys that I can always count on, you see there are six of them and when one is out of commission there is always another to fill in. You guys rock my world! I beam when ever I think of you. My lap top is full of your pictures.

Jojo's war face....Fire sign!!

The Best part of word stock was the parts when we chilled.
For sure the Lord smiled on me the day he decided I would be in a family that consisted mostly of guys!
So on we go!
My brothers are incredibly intelligent, although it can take an oil pump to bring it to surface.

The youngest of the six are the four cardinal signs so each one is the master of his element. They are artists, musicians, philosophers, comedians, and best of all they have their hearts set on being family disciples (save one of which loves the family still)

They never seas to amaze me. A girl couldn’t ask for more. I hope anyone who might see me making a fool of myself will forgive me when it’s done in the presence of my brothers.
We often make quite a seen. There is little I won’t do for them, anything from using my bra to smuggling Jr bacon cheese burgers into the theater (caught on film), allowing a couple of them (no matter how over grown) to sleep in my bed because they are scared of roaches, to staying up past 3 am making pizza for them despite the fact I haven’t packed and have to catch a 6 am plane. We do have our quiet moments however.
Our eyes shifting, each waiting for the other to stir, a cough, silence. I anticipate every movement, who knows when one will try and drive his finger into my belly button. Through the years I’ve grown exceptionally fast reflexes. My dad used to always attack at the most unexpected times. I’ve earned some dignity over the years. Now days it’s rare for them to try anything funny but when they do it will only leave a scratch beside my sacred opening. Jesse will growl with frustration.
They are pretty big boys too, they can carry me like a back-pack!

Check it out!!
Slowly yet progressively each is passing into man hood, the most difficult time of a young mans life and without the help of dad.
Please take note of that when attempting to single them out as the most obnoxious youths in the room which they probably are.
My dad educated each one to be as witty and unpredictable as a Sagittarius man is, but died before he could tell them it was only a third of what they would need to get them through life. He always encouraged their “creativity” although I think the insanity comes more from our biological Father who is a way cool hippie/active surfer dude and an active activated soul retriever” I mean you would have to be crazy to live full time by faith like Abraham, often not knowing wither he is going. wAy cool, love you Dad #1...you Rock! Ps thanks for the brothers among many other things.
Thank God my mom is tolerant as she is beautiful. She has some sense of humor too.
Poor misunderstood souls. A classic example happened just the other day at word stock.
The two youngest were leaning over me while I pranced about the pool in my Brazilian swim ware. Vic and Jesse both leaning over me seemingly flirtatiously, grabbing at me and making remarks that I guess would only be amusing to us.
To us it’s nothing more then them cheering me, kind of an imprudent complement.
One of the word stock security crew guys saw the hubbub and rushed over seizing the opportunity to rescue me from these delinquents. Alright, alright break it up”, get out of here”! He turned to me to give some advice. “don’t lead them on Marie”. I wasn’t sure he was serious, I thought every one knew who my family was at word stock.
We three just kind of looked at each other. We thought of all the many kisses, titty twists, and inappropriate “horse play” we had given each other over the last few days. I suddenly realized how bad it must look to anyone who didn’t recognize it as our family’s favored pastime, without acknowledging it I could easily be conceived as a pervert, “what, I a perv?? We didn’t know wither to laugh or correct the obvious mistake. We laughed. I left my brothers there to finish their gag but then remembered I forgot to tell the poor fellow they were my brothers. I turned just in time to see them jeering and saying things like “sorry man, I guess she just likes younger guys”, we can’t all be winners bro”.
I should have known this was far too good an opportunity to make fun of the security guard who had no doubt been hassling them all word stock. I quickly shouted to the guy “they are my little brothers”! A look of relief coupled with embarrassment swept across his face. My brothers where only sad I had killed their joy. Had I not said anything there would have been no peace for the poor befuddled word stock security guy.
Thank God JD is usualy there to jostle them back into the pecking order….. Notice Marty and Jesse scheming in back ground"

...though I believe Jesse is about JD’s size now…maybe bigger?
All this to say “cheers to the Sons of Judah” Huurraaahhh!

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Pedro disse...

hey cool close ur waring marie ....
and till now ur story rocks ..

Jaydee disse...

Umm, excuse me Marie....It's been proven in 2005, it's been proven in 2006, and it was proven once again this year. for the hundredth time... "Jesse is not bigger then me". everyone keeps thinkin that, even Jesse thought that. but once again he was let down by his older brothers dominant size. in all these wordstock's, people was like, man,you should see Jesse, he is waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger then you now. Geez.....thats silly. anyhow...
now you have one out of two choices . fix your comment on the blog or make a whole new comment in memory of me...love ya out peace

Jaydee disse...

Sorry Ree, didn't wanna sound too jealous....I was!!! and I still am!!!... I am the oldest, therefore I demand your attention first and foremost.

Rosita disse...

Glad to see you're back and posting. Keep at it! Love ya girl!

Anônimo disse...

FUNs to C ma SONs
and the JOY inside
Heaven's Culture
not to hide
in Faith,
one another
As Darkness Grows
we are Forced to the Light
United in the Fight,

Many LOves


mClay disse...

that was a tight rap dad, you and JD should hook up!...
JD, you were too busy at the STOCK to notice me.
I am now also involved with MANY important things...I can't post about you....no one would read it!
peace OUT

thisisme disse...

Yes, Hail the sons of Judah!! Their the funniest ppl you'll ever meet.:D

mClay disse...

man, I keep having these dreams of them and my dad and I wake up laughing and my roomies think I'm a freak HAHA! I miss them so much...ho humm

mClay disse...

for every one to know...I love my big brother...who IS a cool guy...he just makes silly mistakes like we all do..of course not all of us sell out on our family member's music while they are desperately trying to get a start musically..but you know...when ur high in demand and all...jjk..I love u man

Jaydee disse...

Hey Marie...at least I have choices..
(rolls his eyes wildly)

Anônimo disse...

funny dreams,,ummmmm,,do "tell" :D

yes we will frolic in the true hobbit-land, even with the giants. LOL

Tks Reee, this blog makes up for our limited human comunications.

As the pressure increases
we will pray & praise more for one another
till all our sheeps, even some goats & friendly wolves are in the fold.



Notable Quote:

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society". Nikki Giovanni :D

Love U all