Ever have sex with an alligator?
I learned how this week when I got bumped up to bar tender.
I'm the only female bar tender at the baby A's Restaurant, sex appeal was needed behind the bar to up sales.
Lots of pressure but this far I'm catching on pretty quick.
Up side of bar tending is that people are always friendly when they want a drink. food makes people grouchy and demanding. The same girls who stiffed me on a wednesday night were introducing me to their single guy friends and cheering for me thursday night when I was put behind the bar.
I'm great with small talk anyhow.  Uping your sales has a lot to do with talking to people, keeping them there by means of "this conversation is so interesting" will get them to buy drink after drink while waiting for you to come back around as apposed to waiting tables where you do all the "waiting".


I got my driver's license the other day. Whats taken a ridiculously long time to see done I was able to take care of in a month and a half. The one giving me the driven test said I only made one mistake, "a crazy right hand turn".

All I really want is some time to get stuff done, its a "if you want something done you have to do it yourself" thing. Some times you just have to brake away, dig in and realise that your the only one going to make things happen for yourself.

Anyway, I'm tired and stressed... ran into one too many brick walls today.

I'm afraid a longer post would turn ugly.



Something to cross off the "things I've never done" list

A good restaurant has much in common with a well run Family home. Pretty much the only thing they don't have is a home Shepherd which is fine cause a good manager will be equally concerned about his/her employees. Just as in a Family home you've got the over achievers, the under achievers and the maintainers. A five star restaurant will have every one looking out for each other, filling in extra duties, helping out that some one who may be busy and stressed expecting that you'll receive the same in your time of need. If your only committed to taking care of your tables and clients, the restaurant will gradually crumble under the weight of neglected clients and dutys.
One of our bartenders came up to me the other day as I was running around and addressed me by my name. "We have our eye on you kid, just wanted you to know we see you and your doing a great job, we need more people like you, your a maximizer! Turns out this particular bartender is the owner's brother.

I'm moving up in the world folks hahaha. Before you know it I'll be this months Hornitos champion! Winner wins 100 bucks and a cut on the manager's winnings.
Love you all, thinking of you and as always "Please tip your waitress"