Post #2

I remembered that we are all bi-polar, because of the carnal mind vs the Spirit Mind in us!

So, it's like
JESUS took care of all the cursed disclaiming, right?
Yes &
now we have to follow suit

finding how to keep the Vic
even when all around is un-niceness
even in our own egocentric (ha)
lives, that
we are fighters to
Rise above it with Love & prayer & all the virtues
disclaim the Vic

in conclusion

The Victory is ours
in our 1st Love and Husband
Whoooopeeee .............................................Ivn Ho

Tks da Ho, always ready to relate..some how hahah


From: GOD
Reference: LIFE

This is God. Today I will be handling All of your problems for you.. I do Not need your help. So, have a nice day.

I love you.



Thanks for the flowers". Yeah well I had an extra buck and didn't want to give to the beggar outside, he would probably just use it to buy booze.
The Disclaimer-er.
Some people have the habit of stamping big fat disclaimers on charitable or otherwise NICE things they do and say to other people, this makes it awkward and confusing for the recipient. "do I say thank you"?
When you place a disclaimer on something nice you have done for another person you essentially take one step forward and then one back. You look nice"..why thank you.."yeah well we all need encouragement". I did your white load for you" wow God bless you. Yeah well my load was too small so I dumped yours in there to fill up the machine".
How about "I miss you...some times".
Some people just can't bear to hear "thank you" as if they don't want to be pinned down for something nice. Behold the classic "it was nothing" Don't Mention it".
If it's nothing and no effort went into it, then what good can we derive from it?
Now, imagine how frustrating this kind of behavior is for the guys who enjoy making other people feel loved and happy and the sweetness and WONDERFULNESS of being loved by every one in return!
The Gusher. "I can't wait to see you, life is so dull and boring without you"! Disclaimer " yeah well I find ways to make the time go by".
Disclaimers actually (by habit) look for ways to malign anything nice they may have done and whats sadder, they look for holes in sweetish things done unto them.
Gusher: "I got you your FAVORITE chocolate EVER to show you I was thinking of you and love you. joy, joY, JOYNESS"! Disclaimer: Ermm, I've been having too much of those, been meaning to cut it out of my diet..but thanks".
Even if a Gusher is trying to cut back on chocolate, or only misses you a little bit, they wont actually tell you. Gushers are feel good people, not NEEDY people, don't get the two mixed up.
So what do we do with the Disclaimer-ers?? Nothing, because it was nothing remember?? So when I'm Gusher-ing, I'm FEEL-GOOD-ing... not to be confused with NEEDY-ing... just a little disclaimerAccept thank yous, say thank you and stand by your good deeds of love and WONDERFULNESS"