Upon arriving there was a slight air of awkwardness. My little fire was kindled by the invitation to terminate it and I began asking too many questions and submerging every one in fine conversation :)
Unfortunately I soon became the victim of awkward vibes as the now acquainted and happy couple grew more comfortable and the need for privacy oozed from every gesture.
 A chaperone was sent for on my behalf.
I was mortified when (in a very foreign accent) he began addressing me as "babe". The horror turned to amusement that one could possibly be so arrogant as to assume I was or ever would be his "babe".
Meet Sadmir Hasani, AKA Dade.
The following day I was squired about town locked arm in arm with the very same, almost genetically modified male organism. As it turns out Sadmir is a Graduate from Serajevo's School of Culinary arts. He now owns his own Coffee shop/ pub in Breza. I supposed then that his peacock stride was accredited to being the only young man in Breza working for himself and owning his own home. Apparently I was mistaken as Sadmir is also a trained boxer, wrestler and Jujitsu ring fighter as well as fluent in three languages aside from his own. More then pretty feathers and a pocket full of dough equals Breza's finest bachelor, and all to myself  :P
I actually only spent about 15% of my time with Ivana and Damir. Sadmir shares my sense of adventure meaning we spent our time exploring Serajevo, eating out and meeting new friends.

had the opportunity to see everything, from small houses and farms way up in the mountains, to pulsing night spots and elegant social outlets. I couldn't have planned a better get away and even though my escort had to work half days and sometimes run back to the shop to make birthday cakes and the like, I was always amused by friends and local side shows. 


I found the German air port to be nothing but one big adult play ground

When you find a sex shop dead center air port, you know your in another country. These photos are of the air port in Munich. There were a lot of other mouth watering sights such as the fully armed German guards.
Sadly other then the men and sex shops, most other sights were lukewarm or just plain cold, such as the food and the weather.

Everything can cost a hideous penny... even sparkling water ended up about 10 american, not so sparkling after you get the bill!  > :( 
However, as I found on my way back through, there are ways to shop that aren't as expensive. You just have to avoid thinking like a tourist 
One inspiring feature in the Munich air port was the series of small rooms available for rent. Just think, buy a few items from the sex shop, grab one of those fetching security guards and you're only a few 00 away from a good time.

from there we were a hop and a skip away from Serajevo! 


Off the Record

 seemed the pictures we tried to take were always clips


Shortly after this we were pulled over by the Bosnian Police... should have filmed thAT!


Perfect Gentelman

He doesn't breath heavily down your neck the first night in bed together implying he is just as content to sleep.

He actually DOES pay for everything and never appears to resent it. He is investing in his favorite past time, you!
He doesn't always open doors for you but makes sure none are closed to you. His life and everything in it are open to your discretion.
You are never out of place because he will escort you to some where pleasant when he is busy with his obligation or there is a conflict. A scuffle is no place for a lady neither is it an opportunity to show off and he knows this.
When he is aware that you are feeling ill or uncomfortable he wakes casually to insure you that you are in his utmost care.
Attentive but not smothering, impressive but not arrogant. He is confident you will pay him the compliment, boasting is for the week who have much to compensate for.
He gives not only to his woman but to any one within reason.
This man, the Perfect Gentleman is also inclined to jealousy and is honest about it, but he will never leave you in a position to exploit his suspicions, he does his best to help you do yours.
And when the object of his affection is distressed, angry or simply being a woman, he knows pampering is in order.
It takes a man well versed in the complexities of the feminine sex to know how to keep one. He knows we are shallow and easily appeased by the finer things, restaurants, jewelry. Even the opportunity to dress up and dangle uselessly at his side like some large ornament gives us the kind of sensations some men spend most of their lives trying to harvest from their woman, we literally glow.

I've learned something about romance that seemed antiquated before, respect can be a powerful substitute for love, especially if your one of those who have tired and lost interest in throwing your heart down fairy tail wishing wells.

Its not as hard as it sounds to be this man. You just have to care enough.
I myself didn't think he could be found, but find him I did, and now I wish I hadn't.
He lives on the other side of the world and promises to wait till I return, I promise myself to oblige his waiting.