The Day of Lovers has come and gone.
Seems like every day but today is humming with romantic activity.
There is always talk of romance, but when it really comes down to it every one is afraid to speak up.
Dia Dos Namorados should be known as “Dia Dos Calados” or the days of mutes; fearful and verbally handicapped aristocrats who fancy love but do nothing about it. Fools!
I know what’s going on, I suppose they thought I was going to pop out of my cancer’s shell and search them out.
Not so my dear fellows. I may be a first world girl but I am still very old fashioned. The man is supposed to show up with this guitar and play a quixotic concerto out yonder window mumbling his stanch heart piece through a mouth-full of flowers…red ones.

Hum, I’m starting to realize this post really isn’t fair at all. Seeing as I remain ambivalent and unresponsive to all sutures I see it would only be a waist of song and flowers…red ones, not to mention man. And there should never be a waist of song.
Actually, if some one really did go through all that I would probably respond reasonably. What? You thought I was completely heartless? Not even a little.
Just seems I’ve done enough in the favor of love. Human love that is, Devine Love is something completely deferent.
For divine love there is nothing I would dub unreasonable or irrational. In-fact, irrational is really what we are going for here.
No more will I venture into some “sensible” courtship just because my pears think I “need” it.! Let cruel 19th century fathers arrange weddings. I am not that antiquated! Just old fashioned enough to require that a man prove his affinity by way of song and a mouth full of flowers…red ones

Feliz Dia Dos Namorados….. you are all loved by me. XOX

YaY, just got a box of chocolates!!!
There is hope sparkling on the horizon yet.

7 comentários:

Jaydee disse...

Love you Marie... you're so pretty. also becoming quite the writer. be nice to me, I am your favorite brother.......
oh, and did I mention that i love you..

mClay disse...

ohhh love, I love you more then any man yet! every one knows it, forgive my humor...XOXO

mClay disse...

I'm so so very mad...You wouldn't believe it but the moment I finished posting I went into the kitchen and there was Jess and Rach discussing how they are going to force me to “date” some one…they asked him to come over tomorrow!! How sick is that! These chicks are EVIL...FOOOLLLSSS

Jaydee disse...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww...this ain't know Indian, arranged, b.s.

mClay disse...

man,they freeking want me to like elope..to wed.

Jaydee disse...

hahahaha.....no coment..(he stars blankly)

Josie disse...

Love you Marie! loving your blog...beijo!!!