catching up

I know I've been silent but its because I've been busy. My Christmas was very fulfilling and we met so many beautiful children. One in particular was a school of blind girls who sang like angels.
I want so much to share the last two months with you but time is against me.
In short, I later went for a vacation to a near by beach town, met up with some old friends (Amazing to see you again Jaz and Clare!) and kicked back for a few days.
It amazes me to see how the Lord comes threw for us even during times when we are doing nothing but relaxing. The vacation was not at all well thought out, but it was much more eventful then anything I'm sure we could have thought up ourselves.
We went on wild adventures and ate...some stuff...sniff
Anyway, it was a much needed brake from all my home undertook during the Christmas push. It ended up being "likely" the best get away I ever had.
Till then, here are some shots, one of the CTPs we did during December's Christmas out reach and devotions piled into one of the rooms with the group on a blissful morning in Vallarta Mexico!
I'm hoping to get some of the "out door" shots soon...

Love you

Happy Birthday Vas Myers"! I Love you"!



Even though it's already the eighth, the year is still new so don't criticize me for wishing you all a
"Happy new year"! late.
I feel kind of like going to a square dance or something, yippee!
Please excuse me as I'm off to save my breath for a better post, just thought I'd be in on the "Happy New Years" posts!!