this one was cute

I got the good one...he has an emotional twin brother, always avoid those ones.
Come home from work and there were two fat babies in the living room and a sexy mommy taking pictures in my room. Random. This one reached out as if he wanted to pick ME up! I was like...umm hello"and we became friends. I guess I got some pictures snapped of me in the process of the photo shoot... These are the only pictures I've had taken in a while so THERE!
I think I like kids now... or at least some times they like me.


The Goode Life

thinking of changing Splat's title to "the Goode Life".
So much life to be excited about.

David F sent me the track to my song "Rainbows"...I have to be honest I didn't think he would come through. Few people ever live as big as they talk and I'm honored to have some one like David on my side.
Lord willing we'll take on a few more songs together.

And now..The Goode Life.