You gotta love your work

From Jesus with love vol 1:

305 I really love you, your a good kid! You love the Lord and are trying to please Him, but you just want to be happy. You want to enjoy life and there is nothing wrong with that...

tks dad


from mom

Today I had my Ester Chapel with a group of boys and a group of girls at the Juvi.The lord gave me two wonderful PPs to show the kids and I madebutterfly balloons and big hearts tying all the elements together toillustrate rebirth, redemption and the love of God!
I was so exited about this class! The Holly Spirit told me I was going to meet someone special.
At the girls' class I couldn't help but to notice this young lady, all smiles at me and she was having such a good time .
In the middle of the class she couldn't help herself andinterrupted "Ma'am do you have a daughter named Nini?"
Yes,She is actually my 8 year old granddaughter and everyone thinksshe is my little girl,(and she is).But how do you know about her? In fact, I am wearing this Easter hatshe bought for me at the thrift store.
The teen went on to tell me I had come to her little sister'sbirthday party as a clownand Shani spilled face paint all over her new pants! (In over 16years of clowning this has only happened once,With this teengirl.) I remembered her family right away, they were my friends.
Her father was very worried about the teens in his household and I offered to come over with my son for Biblestudies and fellowship...but it never seemed to be a good time.
A year later her parents divorced, Kimberly was here when it happened, at Bexar County JuvenileDetention. I was able to freely counsel and witness to her ad tell herhow much Jesus loves her .
Of the 20 teens who received the Lord today, Kimberly was a special soul I'll not soon forget.
I wish I could have taken pictures of this to show you,but it is notpossible. So all you get is me and the hat. Happy Easter!