Man Overboard!!

How do you celebrate a birthday party and a fair-well party all at once, how do you mingle joy with sorrow, tears with laughter?
First, take the birthday girl for a day out on the town. This way you can focus your morning on the one leaving (Zacki the pirate).

O mulherengo com as mulheres.

Begin the day with loud music. Invite some trusty friends over to celebrate.
The birthday girl hates surprise parties so these people are just coming over for their free-day as they normally do.
Once the birthday girl is out the handful will gradually morph into a throng. Every one brings Tequila and we drink with Zack the Pirate as it’s his favorite pastime. By the time the birthday girl gets back, there is meat, Pizza, mixed drinks and a very cheerful crowed waiting to ambush her as soon as she takes a foot in the door.
The following are some of our favorite Zack moments.
When he leaves the next day there is great weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Fair thee well Zack, happy birthday Rach!!

You Shall be missed!

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