It's not an i phone

But I was offered one for the same price as this little baby. Theres something uniquely edgy about it, its design was inspired by a race car... apparently so it is!
I can't put it down, I know its more of a guys gadget but it suits me. I'm not worldly enough for an i phone but I wanted something as reliable and flexible. I know most critics wouldn't way a Droid Incredible HTC with an i phone 3G but why not? I've used both and there aren't too many differences. The photo quality is GREAT! I can't complain, I'm too wrapped around the damn thing! 


Kid Galahan

Ok so I promise to shut up about my amazing man but...
I always saw a bit of Elvis in Dade.... and I can SO do "The King"! 
As it turns out Elvis Stars in a film as a boxer where he brings my fantasy to life in "Kid Galahan"

                  And check out his cutesy little girl friend :) 

               Ya your right, never mind I'm way hotter ;)

getting back to the basics

because I'm worth it