My Sport

Men should dance more.
I went to a Salsa night in Austin Texas, it seems in the USA cultural dance is what old married couples do once they've retired because the only ones on the floor were 45 and 60 year olds. Cute but also sad.
Nothing is sexier then a guy who knows how to rumba or salsa me across the floor, while on the same token few things or more embarrassing then dancing in a room full of experts with some one who is completely lost, "trust me"
Dancing is fun, but some times I long for a firm hand behind my back guiding me rather then two hands on my butt grinding me.

point being.... guys should learn proper dance form and girls should give Major props when they do! Because the truth is, without the guy, a girl's technique wont go far and isn't nearly as fun.


the darndest things Emo's say

Mozart:Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

Mike Krome's last comment on face book. We must savor it


Christmas at home

It didn't work out for me to be with my family for Cmas, but Christmas didn't lack for warmth. Tom and Chantal are probably the closest thing I could have to family, they give meaning to the term.

I was thinking about what they say, how friends are often made when you least felt deserving.
I guess its because we value it more when we know we aren't deserving.
I love you, I don't deserve you.

This song makes me cry cause it says I love you so many times haha. Dedicated to 2009