Heads Up

Its 3:30, and where are the home's members?
Around the ritual coffee pot, today EZ made the brew. Fake ur best orgasm and there you'll have it.
Another show tonight so every one is psyching themselves out, busy people need good coffee.

Also Pedro (aka Gavin, or my personal favorite, Favor Boy) is working on the final track to Prophet David, meaning Project COG is on its way.

I would like to encourage every one who hasn't done Jack to support this motivational, pro Extreme Disciple music vid, to please send me your pictures and clips. Also thanks a bunch to those already helping out, you shall be blessed.

coffee had ended and so has post


"Who will Join my cry and forsake thier God Damnd Pride!!??

I'm feeling quite rebellious right now. That feeling when metaphoric steam starts rapidly ejecting from your nose and ears. I'm not confused, I know what my life is for, I know why I chose this life above everything else, I know why I forsook safety, lovers, dreams and family. The decisions I've made were as extreme as the lifestyle I traded them for. When I said I wanted to go all the way I took everything into account; willing to endure the cross and despise the shame. When I'm not fighting, when my sword is left hanging uselessly in it's harness, I feel the reason for my life has ebbed. How about you? Has the Core made your blood boil, has it made you sick of your own compromises? Has it made you finally chose to climb that mountain and take the beaten path that only beaten men can follow? Are you ready to be an extreme disciple? I didn't go to the XD, but the XD was a call to arms that I've been feeling for a long time. Maybe the Lord knew if I went, there would have been little or no restraint and there would have been no end to my rampage.
I have to confess something, waiting for every one to junk the punk and forsake their spiritual and physical trinkets has been aggravating. Not that I have arrived at 100% discipleship, I think the lord has put many leashes on me to teach me my own set of lessons. In fact, I think I'm answering my own question. Maybe this is why the Lord has in a sense, clipped my wings, given me a voice that doesn't sing and all those other poetic metaphors. Maybe my zeal will be my downfall. Maybe my pride is the punk that I need to junk. I just hate feeling comfortable, I can't stand feeling like I know where I'm going and I know just what the Lord's plan is. While some people might find this comforting I think it would only lead to spiritual death. At this moment I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, making me extremely edgy but confident that I'm in the Lord's will. I've dropped this massive bundle of "preconceived ideas" at His feet. Walking blindly is what makes most extreme marshal artists the masters of their trade.
I guess I'm blessed to be one of those people who don't need much to thrive, all the things that make us comfortable are the same things that lulls us into spiritual sleep (like how the worst place for a christian is a too comfortable place. For me the cost of full dedication has been much more costly then my own room, or a shelf full of accessories. If all you have to forsake is privacy, or accessories, then be thankful, it's not much compared to the freedom of the spirit, the freedom of a life thats needing nothing but the Lord.

Like St Francis told the Pope, how little faith have you to worry about what ye should eat or wear.
It is my greatest prayer that the CORE has awakened us; may we never stop to sleep; may our children be twice as rebellious as their fathers. If we can become 100% disciples, may they obtain 200%. As the world grows darker may our lights shine all the brighter to suit the obscurity. What good is a light if it dims as the darkness thickens?
I can't wait to see you on the field my love. I can't wait to see all the weight your spiritual body has lost making you the leanest, meanest spiritual fighting machine the world has ever known! In the words of Justin Spirit " I know this is where I belong"! Do you? If this is the life you have chosen, don't cheap it, don't make a mockery of it by only going half way.
You know, I used to love that song "the life of a missionary" But lately I've found it's just not enough. The world has it's missionaries and this word I think down plays what we should be focusing our training on.
What I want is the life of a disciple, the life of a prophet! Be it vulgar or zealous, I want to live like a true follower of Jesus. So to put it sweetly, "DROP OUT OR GET OUT"! Or at least stay dropped out.

Anyway, I'm crazy about you guys, Love you!


lots of things running through my head these days. Didn't catch a wink of sleep last night, the odd thing about that is I'm not at all sleepy. My desire to sleep has been overshadowed by another burning desire, a desire between me and the Lord. The thing that keeps me up tossing and turrning, sticking to my mind like an insecure child to it's mother's leg. Only I am compleatly unresponsible for this sort of obligation nor have I spawned it. I have no way of releaving myself, it's really compleatly up to the Lord, He is, after all, the one who gave me the burden. All I can do until my dreams (or rather His dreams) are made realities is focuss on today, this minuet, never beyond that. We all have various tecniques that help us cope, mine is simple; look at each moment as gone forever, find some way to enjoy that moment, sing a song, think and pray for a friend, just keep yourself entertained and ocupied. Another great one for when you start feeling restless is looking back, not the "Piller of Salf" kind of looking back, but the gratfuly remenising on how far you and the Lord have come together kind of looking back, that's when you realise just how good you have it at this moment.

As far as that irritating asperation that keeps you awak when you should be sleeping, watch the movie Brother Song, Sister Moon. Get through the whole film and ask yourself, what it means to you. Then read the CvC searese. Then maybe blog ur frustraitions without giving you're readers too much insight....


blogger's note

Please note that the blogger is discouraged. All day we have been playing way cool music (all original songs by random family youths). So so many of you are so RIGHT on with your songs. God bless you. Song after song and all I could think about was how I myself have so many that few will ever hear. Enough people write me asking me to make a CD, and all too often, I have to explain how difficult it is to get some one to produce. Shame, shame.
So then this one song came on, the guitar lead was familiar, catchy; but then the singer came in, it was pretty rough, off key, and it seemed like the singer had little experience at all doing studio vocals; it sounded like a cheap demo, it in fact Was a demo.
I asked Rachelle where she DLed the song and she wasn't sure. The fact is she WAS able to DL it, this alarming "crappy demo"! Oh, did I mention, the singer is none other then your very own "Marie Clay" Hooray!!
So please people, if you happen to hear the "redemption song" (no, not Bob Marley's) just take it with a grain of slat.
Also keep your finger's crossed as I am now manipulating some poor little 15 year old studio cat to cut a full CD for me, what do you think??


my very own little Erotica


So your a girl...no? (well if ur a boy you may want to read anyway... you could learn something)

Your hanging out with your girl friends talking about girl things and that very common question comes up "what's the first thing you look at on a guy"?
I myself have never had an answer to this question, not a real one. I shoot up random answers in agreement with every one else. Eyes, body, all are favorites. Hes charming, hes quiet... all are good answers.

But even though every guy has his cosmically fixed charm, I've always been of the opinion that guys are just guys, and I'm appreciative of them pretty much in general.

Who could be hotter then my brother Jess (17 single)

Recently, I have however, found a pattern in the guys I find attractive. They all have one shocking feature, (menacing music) "long hair" (screams). And it's really true. The first thing I look at on a guy is usually his hair!
Hair is so sexy, the longer the better. (sings) "want my hair like Jesus wore it Halleluiah I adore it"!
So then it is now my responsibility to let guys know what I find most fetching, this way maybe we can start a new trend, because nothing is sexier then having sex with a guy who's main cascades down his shoulders.

I understand that it's one thing when you've had short hair all your life, some guys DO just look better with short hair, but for those of you who have been sporting long locks your whole life, why "my love" would you cut your very sexy, very wild and totally messy hair? Why would you deprive me/us, of the right to dig digits into adorable curls, or the feeling of straight silky hair slipping through trembling fingers?
Why would you chop those lovely locks that you've grown for years? What foolish, pretty thing hath sullied your conviction?

A gypsy king and I had this talk just the other day, I begged and pleaded but was told that hair just gets in the way of sex. Don't tell me your hair never played such a sensual part in your bohemian love making? If it does start to lose its luster or becomes annoying, we can always tie it back, but once it's gone its gone! Once you cut it it will take years to recover!

So the Gypsy King called and as I was again pleading in tongues for his hair he told me he had cut it just that morning, at least about 4 plus inches, not so bad.

So please guys, grow, grOW, GROW! Don't cut your hair, I'll agree it's not for every one, your beautiful in all the many ways the Lord intended you to be, but something about hair just gets ME.
But who am I to claim any sort of authority in the northern pubic area? Its your choice, who knows, maybe this stupid post was JUST the thing some guy needed to insentivate him to grow, grOW, GROW!!



It happened lasy night; we were blessed with another member to our family making me an auntie four times over. As if my own joy means anything, my brother must be wearing one of mom's "ear to ear" smiles.
How beautiful to bring a life into the world. We make the squishy, red and and pink, fleshy part, and God makes the immortal soul that makes the person he is and will become.
I wish I could hold the little guy, I'm sure I'll get my turn. Funny as it sounds, right now I can smell that fresh baby breath", fresh out of the love oven baby.
Deep breaths now, sleep sound Jr, all those ugly faces will soon be the suns your little world will revolve around. They're not so bad once you get to know them.


To pose, or not to pose...TO POST THE POSE

"What" would I do without you?

The other day Every one went to the beach to visit the YAS from the São Paulo XD camp. On the other hand some one needed stay back and organize the Feijoada we were hosting for some active members.
I always find myself being the stay at home lackey and its really my fault because I tend to be a martyr.
Every one came home late and I went to work on a song in my room to try to avoid hearing about the festivities.

Every one came back but Jess.
Where is Jess? Oh she stayed at so and so's home.
Oh great!
Picture me sulking in my room when suddenly! A phone call... for me? Yes, it was Jess. Guess where I am? Where? I said but didn't want to know. John and Lilly's. Guess who I'm with? I thought to myself, how cruel of you to rub salt in my open bleeding heart. I said the name of the only person I've wanted and waited to see for the past five months. Yep! Well thats great Jess. I sighed. Guess where we are going now? This time I didn't say anything. We are on our way to see you!! Me, little ol me, you would risk trouble, lecture and maybe even banishment from the XD spectacle to make sure I get to visit with this very special some one??
I would.
Jess you are the best! Thank you for being so dramatic and for caring about the stupid happenings of my life. A true friend in every way. Enjoy the very special, very heart felt breakfast I have made you in grateful gratitude.

And you the reader, enjoy the folly of two extremists who were made for each other.
And lord, thank you for teaching me the very valuable lesson of always trusting that you see everything and reward accordingly. I love you my sexy darling husband.

picture EZ as Jesus


3 of September...To my Virgo

As Challenging as it may be I have to write a happy birthday post worthy of my sister.
At this particular moment I'm far from reaching my creative peek, actually times like these is when I need you the most, anyway I shall go on.

My brother JD's
worst fear has always been the Virgo race, but God in his infinite wisdom has chose to bless even JD's life with a virgo child.
Every one needs a Virgo in their life, Steph, sweet heart, you've been my Virgo.
Thank you for everything, for following me into every disaster I could think to put myself in. Thank you for your artful mind (if thats even a word). Even your most messy creations I always thought were captivating in their obscurity.
You are the one person I can tell every thing to, you know my biggest secrets. I don't know if through our child hood you may have got the notion that your sister is a little crazy and even if you did ever feel that way, thank you for flowing with it.
I know your a mom now and things have changed, but I still feel the need to thank you for filling my life with adventure, everything from declaring war on the boys, climbing trees and building forts. There was that one (sick) occasion where I had the brilliant idea of rubbing goat poop all over our clothes and sitting as still as possible in the goat pen to see if we could become one.
Thank you for doing it with me and for getting in trouble with me as well.
Thank you for being by my bed side the moment I would wake because of a bad dream. For praying for me and holding me through the worst fazes of my life, and better then that, thank you for looking at me with the same loving eyes in the morning when it was all over.
Thank you for giving me courage. Till this day when I wake up to something strange I think of you and how the Lord put you in my childhood to love me through those times.
I'v always thought you were so strong, or at least you handle everything better then I do.

I think you are going to make THE soccer mom and I hope the Lord blesses you with more and more boys heh
. Your one of the few chicks I know that can keep up.
I love you deeply and I highly respect you.
Need I mention you managed to find the perfect balance, mature/wise, along with radical and
goofy, bright and organized yet completely scatter brained. Elegant/ charming yet totally grungy.
Put all that together and you'll get a pretty close picture to what Stephy is like.
Happy birth day darling, i will always love you.

PS, I chose green cause it was dad's color
Also ur husband owes me a photo oh his butt