Self discovery

It seems I'm good with provisioning. I always knew I was, it's just people some times say no and no always seems bigger then yes. Truth is, if u get three nos' and one yes, that equals success.
I always win!" I shoot up a powerful, accurate prayer before hand, visualize and believe that it is the Lord's will for us to have that brand new trash bin for the Kitchen (wooden crates are great really, brilliant improvisation) and presto! 50 percent of the time they never say no, thats cause 50 percent of the time they actually understand me, so its safe to say they never say no...50 percent of the time.
"Failure is the final result of believing you can do less then you can, success is when you believe you can do more then you can": Motivational Comment from last home council ....Umm "YEAH, wehoo"! And it was totally off the top of ones head.
After three of our main outreachers who are fluent in Spanish left the home, a lot of us felt a little stifled. How are we going to cultivate a flock who doesn't understand us? It's simple. I found the answer while observing my meat market partner. Hand gesticulations, sometimes we underestimate their power and accuracy.
And also, every one understands love. We have been inventing all kinds of ways to feed our sheep and be useful to them. The word can also do a lot of the talking. Thank God Activated is in Spanish.
But then there are those words that you need to have on the spot, words that u can't really describe with your hands without looking...foolish, like spinach. For those words, I make a list and some one here who is fluent in Spanish will write them down for me, I memorize them in the car, it's a great way to learn as well.
I'm actually starting to cultivate my own little flock of warm and fuzzy little sheep. The phone is starting to ring for me! Can you believe it? People are calling ME!" Amazing, the sheer joy alone keeps me on the line trying futilely to describe where I'll meet them with my hands. Heh, I wonder what keeps them on the line haha. Must be the God factor.
I think another thing that I personally undermine is the use of our spiritual forces and heavenly arsenal to make things happen. We are really helpless without them. There is nothing we can do to make some one drop a day out of their life to check out a place that's farther then what most people would consider feasible, for of all things, a bible class. Bible classes are not exactly up there with Taekwondo or Yoga classes. But when you walk into a shop after emerging yourself in vigilant prayer, putting on the Lord's mind, people tend to take notice. For sure there is no way they would be into 63 kls of salty, wanna-be Latina, fresh off the ol Gringo block. So, when people call up and want to know more, its got to be the God factor.

I know what your thinking, theres no way hand gesticulation would help this guy with a language barrier, still I highly recommend you look into some of his other videos if your feeling anything might be too great of a road block for you. Despite the show he puts on here, some of his other Videos show he is a strong Christian and travels all over the world doing missionary work. Eat that fully limbed whiners!!




I was looking over last years birthday photos, the guys took me mountain climbing! Absolutely fantastic! But 22 has finally turned into 23. I'm not going to deny I dread it but I do have to face it. I'm growing up, well not really, I think this is as big as I'm going to get but I plan on doing a different kind of growing up this year.
I was reading Carry the Flame of the Revolution a few weeks ago and it hit me pretty hard again, always does.
If the family is going to fulfil the Lord's calling, its up to us to pick up the torch and stand in the gap. It's hard when you have all these left over 16 year old juices pumping threw your veins, but I've decided that this year I'm going to foucus that energy into something more productive for my home and teem. Already the make over has begun, last aria fellowship I looked threw my wardrobe and found nothing but NICE clothes to wear.
A year ago I told the Lord that if he really wanted me to go from hippie to chique, He would have to supply the proper offensive dress code. He did and now I have not a thing to look shabby in.
Trust me, for some of us Looking Nice, was really bottle braking and revolutionary haha.
So here I go, 24 is waiting...wish me a happy birthday will you!!

This photo by Ivan war horse, please pray that this month's fund raising goes excellent for him.
and something for me from my brother Jess who loves me