just cause

I would just like to state for the record, Jesus is all I got goin on.
Also I was voted 3rd home manager.... my thoughts on the mater are as follows. I should wear my glasses more for effect, my bathroom will never be dirty again, does this mean less or more work... more.

To celebrate, some of my favorit writings and poems... guess the composers.

U mean sooooooo much 2 me,,u are crazy as u can be, but thats goode u see, cause we r the people,,the goode people who shall rule & reign with our BEST Savior,,,lover of all Maries, & solver of all dilemmas,

Do you want a can opener man?

Be my salty wench


And ve are thinking that now is being good time to post new post.

If you see a food product in a grocery store that comes in a smaller package than usual, get it, because there's a very good chance it's cute

Chuck Norris CAN touch MC Hammer.

sorry, couldn't help myself




And there was great mourning and gnashing of teeth.
We lost to Argentina, might I comment it wouldn't hurt so bad only I'm living with an Argentine.

This would be sad if it wasn't so cute!!


Premi is leaving our happy home tonight. Bugger.


CTP with the kids

The kids had the opportunity to preform at an orphanage with us. It was a lot of fun to say the least.We all went dressed as clowns.
The little girls from the Orphanage had a blast trying to comunicate while playing with us girls and the kids.

we played games, sang songs, played dress up and just gave the kids a lot of love. Also we tried to make fools of our selves as a lot of the older girls were insecure and didn't want to participate.one thing I've found that really brakes the ice is taking pictures with them, that way you can pick them up and give them some good loving!

Anim from our home is really amazing with the kids. The whole operation would have been a shame without her haha.

Anyway, love you ALL, KGFG