living the future

    The children's mental ward doesn't allow us to take pictures of the kids but we can take pictures of our general activities.       Not many things in this world can compare  to Michelle's face.... Lord knows what she'll do with that spatula.     We bring a little life,  a bit of music and a lot of love to these kids, just like we've always done.      Special thanks to Michelle for coming to see me. I love you woman!! So great to see you again! And to "I Hop" for donating all the pancakes for the kids and Mike Dart "Activity Director"


Marty is fine and so is Eliot , bit banged up but I think he'll live to make more music. Hooray

Cut my hair.
I went to visit our children's hospital last tuesday, brought my balloons and  guitar. My very favorite place to play is in places like this, white walls and sedatives., my audience is forced to listen ha ha, and anyway music sounds louder in places where every thing else is kept inside, all their hurt, the things they can't say out loud.
I was thinking about my own childhood and what the Lord did for me, guess thats why I keep finding myself back in these white, washed rooms filled with young trouble makers and misfits and I love each and every one of them.
I'm such a loser haha.
Here is a song from Eliot's last band
its not the real thing baby!



if love is a game then it'd be a shame if i couldn't play with you
so lets put on our sneakers an head for the bleacher to watch how the players do. 


Waka Waka

I like it... don't ask, I just do