So tender
he is such a giver
I fell inlove with a Tranny
. We later found out the guys were a good foot taller then we thought they were, our stilettos masked our height "Thank God"
the end



Hash House Harriers

I have a friend who takes me on adventurous dates, anything from surfing late through the night, to taco stand hopping all throughout the central Houston aria. I imagine he spends his week searching the highways and byways for new and increasingly random ways to impress me.
More recently he stumbled on a secret society called The Hash House Harriers!
Its an international group of beer drinking runners. The only objective to their on call missions is to bring people together in an environment where every one can be themselves, get drunk and have a fantastic time while also getting in shape in a noncompetitive, friendly atmosphere.
In a Hash House run you'll spend a few hrs tracking another runner who gets a 15 min head start. The first runner will leave a spastic trail of flour. People will call out "on on" when they find a trail and every one dashes in that direction. Some times the head runner or "Hare" will lead you astray into dark muddy tunnels and if at the end of the marathon your shoes or muddied, you have to be humiliated in front of every one and forced to chug a beer. The Hare will also lead you to rest points where you'll find a chest full of beer, you are obligated to drink. Every one is also given a second name which they use only for running Hash House. At the end every one gathers around, pokes jokes at each other in an orderly, almost court house fashion. If you would like to speak, you raise your beer over your head, no one points at each other using fingers, we use our elbows. There are songs sung, one of my favorites is one every one sang while the last runner was being punished, it went something like "ass hole, ass hole, a solder I will be.
Being that we are close to Halloween, our Hare took us through a grave yard. Yes, he did throw flour on a few tomb stones. because we were punished for our muddied shoes we made sure he was punished by the congregation for sacrilege.
I spent a lot of the time laughing, for which I was gain punished for. The house of Hash takes itself very seriously.
I can't say I've ever had a time quite as fine as my run with the Hashers and I hope to make it to more gatherings. I enjoyed being cheeky and the making of degrading comments to other runners, some to myself.
When they called "on on" leading up a huge 100 foot incline, the runner next to me said "fuck my ass", it was my job to respond with "maybe later". While he was laughing, I was getting ahead, that also resulted in being punished for being an overachiever. Speaking of getting a head, "that's what she said jokes are very popular with these guys". if you don't have a very quick whit, you can always settle for "that's what she said".

anyway..." on on"

Happy Holloween!


So I've been hanging out with the older sister and she is Bad, I mean a really bad girl! I have to spank her all the time to keep her in check.
Just look at that face! Could there be a drop of anything innocent in those laughing eyes??

I try to keep up but I can't seem to drink enough.
So, after about a week of trying to "do as the Romans" I collapsed into the arms of an old friend.


 I'm glad we are on the same spot of earth!
In other news.
we just celebrated the 19th year of our beloved little brother Victor.
this "cat in the hat" themed cake built in his honor.
Happy birthday Libras!!