our game continues

He baffles me, hes been mixing all day, “my ears have gone numb, I just need a moment out of the studio” he tells me.
He asks me if I want to hear a song, he just put it together.
I’d love too. I straight away stop my typing and perk up.
The song he plays is nothing but a clever collection of 7th chords, minors so not to let you completely float away, and a single major chord.
It’s soothing, melon colic. NO words.
He goes on to talk about the new CD. It’s going to be intense. Apparently Phill will be nailed to a cross some where in the course of one music video. I love it…sheer genius.
Pedro usually doesn’t mingle with goyem. Something’s up.
The other day he told me that this next week we would work on one of my songs. It was music to my ears. He also asked me if I liked incense… “maybe I should bring you back this set I saw in Ungra”.
Who told him I like incense?
Something is defiantly up! He has even shown interest in my splat blog.
Either Pedro has finally realized that a meager bottle of wine is petty thanks for all I did for him in the US.
Orrrrr….. he is trying to evade having his picture taken.
I’m ten steps ahead of you musical marvel.

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