Desejo Meu

A taste of Brazlian Bossa Nova
I believe Rachelle Spring's brother "Mala" wrote this song.
Cheers Mala!
Why is it that romance sounds so good in Portuguese??
I miss you guys with all my heart.

I hope you enjoy this sandy ensemble done by Rachelle Spring and Pedro Gavin De La Vega.
If you don't mind, I would also like to add- Proof that long hair is very SEXY.

I'm dedicating this song, my melancholic fair well to beautiful Brazil!!
Cheers to the highly underrated, yet prevailing custom of Love!!

Desejo Meu (Life is Good)


Im not really sure why this clip reminds my brother of me, but I still think its post worthy....
its a pretty cool clip if you think about all it took to make it, and you have to see it all the way through too!



As you may know, the life after splat blog was designed to represent the many nose dives we must take before we find our way to "success" or, Victory! Also its my art form where I like to elaborate on all the best things in life.
Unfortunately the blog has wandered some from the original idea.
Some friends and people who are concerned about the purpose and direction of the blog have brought to my attention some of the posts that do not fall under a Godly, mature disciples beliefs and doctrines.
Most of the time my blog has been my personal play ground, but now as we are entering the offensive and more attention is being drawn to The Family, as well as its disciples, the blog should reflect more the professionalism that is being required of each of us.
I also heard from the Lord about it and together we have come to the conclusion that remodeling is needed. Or at least some adjustments need to be made. Basically this means better posts, and fewer as I will actually be taking the time to ask the Lord about my posts and...drum roll...edit them, hooray!
So Splat is just going through another coincidental "Splat", as is the way of soft moldable clay in the Potters hands.
So excuse me while I take some time to edit some of my old posts content. Call it, Spring cleaning.

Love your host Clay



Happy Freakin birthday Geminis!!

And what better way to celebrate then a new baby!

Happy birthday Mom, Ivan Da, Marry, Philo, Alex of Amber, Jaz of Clare, Ezmirelda Freedom, Rachelle Spring and any one else who I may have missed.
Oh Yes, My dear nephew Judah!! Happy Birthday Love?
sorry Steph, I tend to rush threw my posts.
Kathy, hey happy birthday!!

And now, for the biggest blinder of the mind, forgetting to add SAMSON, one of my oldest and beast friends, for some reason I forgot you bro, you can have a chunk of my heavenly reward. I love you!!

Another one I forgtot, Dr Dre... Love you Dre. Man, yet another cool Gemini! "Keep it comin"