new Job

my new job is in a sports bar called Reff's, I get to wear this cute little one piece . 
NO complaints here.


Time Travelers

Felipe is still at it, making music in Brazil.
You sound as good as every Felipe!! One of my favorite easy listening music styles.

Here is one sweet little number called "Fooled Around"!
Thanks again!!



Have you lost your mind
would you like me to find it for you again
no loner on my way
I avoid the places you and I have been

weren't you so sweet
your breath in my ear
my insides where
you'd release your fear

isn't it all the same
the things we say
that complicate
our reasons for being here

And I'm sorry to run away
I just can't ignore the stain tho its captivating
the way you're hearts been braking
the blame is every one else's to bear

but this time
I wont be the cure for this human heart decease
we'll never know for sure if it was you or it was me
and I'm still ok
this far unmaimed

I don't need to lie
I love you
good bye


****Podunk Punk*****
We really wanted to accentuate the "dirty" side of country life.

Our Models were fearless in the undertaking of this monumental movement.

I don't think fashion will ever be the same

Make up, hair and photos are all the work of Martin Goode


My boss has a pet name for me. It's "Dora the Explorer". None of the other waitresses have pet names so I've been getting a lot of dirty looks. Girls do that, they shut you out and squint their eyes at you, guys are too friendly to do that.
Men are so cute and sweet and friendly.

Anyway my nick name is "Dora the Explorer" because I wear a hat to work and have short black hair and speak Spanish and have an understanding of Latin American Languages and cultures. I dance around and I'm friendly... friendliness is important.

I try to make more girl friends but girls are no fun at all.
Every one knows girls are weird and lame. At least 70% of all women are gossips with overly emphasized insecurities (which are secretly NOT insecurities but ways they get attention) I would know!!
In the past I wished I could bury myself in a rug-bee team. I may have gotten my wish because now I'm ironically feeling smothered. As it turns out, I am the marrying type. I have "bring me home to your mama" written all over my face.

So I'm avoiding the guys until I regain the "naughty play boy"  forehead mark. snicker
One man is too many, and two are three-many and so on.
I shall not cuddle, I shall not flirt, I shall not make moves and I shall by NO means meet your Mom!!
I shall be good and study.

the end


always have this piece of you,
something beautiful buried under
.....everything else


your own personal Jesus

Favorite Artist hits the nail on the head.
Lisa Hannigan
Acknowledging this is a Johny cash song, Lisa still makes it her own by bring Johnny's melancholic sound down just by a few notches. I think she's spot on in her choice of Chash favorites. You could say  "Lisa put the JC back in Johny Cash.... winkle