Gavin, musical marvel?.....or eggs

I was so hurt, Pedro caught me blogging. I felt like I was about to be martyred in a Roman arena.
A part of me wanted to deny my faith. It would be so easy to say “what, no, no…this Old thing?? Not mine bro, just working on a project for a friend.
His eyes searched me as if to say, “come on, not you too, there must be some king of mistake?’ Pedro, better known as Gavin is one of those guys you'll make eggs for in the morningjust because it's so cute when he begs! I love him “in a completely plutonic way, and now there was a painful line being drawn between us, blogger…blog prosecutor.
‘Yes Pedro, I occasionally blog”. My head buckled.
Can’t believe it”?
I felt so crushed, for a moment I wanted to stop him from walking away but there was no use. Would I surrender my blogger’s right to post bits of humor, emotion and romance on a web page that can be read by all my friends who subscribe with such intensity? So many lives are changed every day by this, my “Splat” blog”.
I thought about it all night spiraling in my sheets.
The next morning I made eggs for breakfast, scrambled eggs; the kind only I can make.
There was fresh baked bread to go with it.
When I was done I made myself a lovely little plate to warm my heart and assure myself I still did one thing right,. If blogging ever failed me, I would always have my kitchen.
When I turned Alisa was fixated on my plate of fluffy scrambled eggs and fresh baked whole wheat bread. That looks so yummy”! “thanks” I replied trying to give her a clue that they were in-fact mine. “her gaze didn’t falter. I turned using my war-face but only to find a wall between me and my exit. It was Pedro. his eye’s didn’t meet mine. He was looking down. My plate! He just kind of gazed helplessly at the well mounted, warm bread and steaming eggs, his mouth opened slightly. He pointed, “I want those”.
I took a moment, now was my chance to reconcile. I began to surrender the plate.
My blog flashed through my head. The sweet text and glorified stories, I was doing to for them.
Then without warning my hand returned to me, Pedro looked at me staggered by the change of heart. I couldn’t do it. Something held me back. Our friendship was worth so much more then a breakfast platter yet something had changed.
I’ve spent so much time gagging over this musical marvel. He is musically everything I am not and could never be. But I have this, my blog, my plate of eggs. These things I do well.
Another day I will cater to you, today I am going to enjoy these eggs…and then blog about them latter!
All this to say, Pedro is a lot of fun to live with, he is a HS, a fulltime musician, and woderful home member all in all, he just happens to be the antichrist of blogging.
To answer your questions soon enough there will be a picture of Gavin himself sporting the word stock T that was lovingly catered for him. I’ve been working on a clever bribe. Getting picture from the guy is harder then trying to understand his music lango.

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Jaydee disse...


thisisme disse...

It is good that you didn't give up the eggs. There is nothing worse then a woman with a lack of backbone... make him crawl for them darling, then he'll never make fun of you again.;)

mClay disse...

love you Dre...XOOX
thanks for always commenting!

Pedro disse...

cool ,i agree with alot of what u have come make ur owne philosaphy..
just dont let idots walk all over u.. mke sure they dont .. i hate those guys and if they do make sure i dont know them cause if i meet thm evr they will find and unhappy god ...
lv u

mClay disse...

sure thing