The Hypothesis

Splat is the name of my blog.

I read this funny little story on a family mag that was collecting excerpts from other books and philosophers on the subject of moving on and persisting through troublesome times.

Here is my composition (as I can’t quite remember the original anecdote word for word ) of this very clever tale and our official metaphor for the blog.

An ambitious man was given directions to where he could find the way to success, woman, musical excellence, money ….and whatever else ambitious men look for.
Once he reached that big X on the map he found nothing more than a malnourished, old, Arab man with a long twisted beard and large sags under his eyes. “There must be a mistake”? He thought. The malnourished Arab look at him, no; through him as he was also blind and said “state what you want”? Although he felt foolish the young man shrugged and said, “Well, I wanted to find success”. He turned to leave the scrawny Arab but then the Arab said, “ahh yes, it’s just beyond those rocks”.

The Young Ambitious guy set off as fast as he could. He was only gone a moment when suddenly there was a massive “SPLAT”. The End…

ha ha, how cruel of me. I should be flogged. Please continue”

So then he came back holding his bleeding head and was like, what the heck you Ol malnourished man”. But again, before he could leave he was urged on by the Arab. Again he made his way over the rocks and “SPLAT”. He would have stopped only the ol Arab was beaming with wisdom and seemed curtain of the location to success! Time and time again there came a splat, Splat, SPLAT!!

UGH”! said the young ambitious guy who could never win or make any progress ever! It’s there”. Said the Ol Arab. “where”? demanded the ambitious guy…..a little beyond SPLAT”!

That is the end of the tail and the beginning of a new life! May we all fight past the Giant boulders of failure, embarrassment and “SPLATs” of life, and on to the horizons of Victorious success!

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thisisme disse...

Hehe, cool story.. glad to see your new blog is up and running.. Link me somtime k??