3 of September...To my Virgo

As Challenging as it may be I have to write a happy birthday post worthy of my sister.
At this particular moment I'm far from reaching my creative peek, actually times like these is when I need you the most, anyway I shall go on.

My brother JD's
worst fear has always been the Virgo race, but God in his infinite wisdom has chose to bless even JD's life with a virgo child.
Every one needs a Virgo in their life, Steph, sweet heart, you've been my Virgo.
Thank you for everything, for following me into every disaster I could think to put myself in. Thank you for your artful mind (if thats even a word). Even your most messy creations I always thought were captivating in their obscurity.
You are the one person I can tell every thing to, you know my biggest secrets. I don't know if through our child hood you may have got the notion that your sister is a little crazy and even if you did ever feel that way, thank you for flowing with it.
I know your a mom now and things have changed, but I still feel the need to thank you for filling my life with adventure, everything from declaring war on the boys, climbing trees and building forts. There was that one (sick) occasion where I had the brilliant idea of rubbing goat poop all over our clothes and sitting as still as possible in the goat pen to see if we could become one.
Thank you for doing it with me and for getting in trouble with me as well.
Thank you for being by my bed side the moment I would wake because of a bad dream. For praying for me and holding me through the worst fazes of my life, and better then that, thank you for looking at me with the same loving eyes in the morning when it was all over.
Thank you for giving me courage. Till this day when I wake up to something strange I think of you and how the Lord put you in my childhood to love me through those times.
I'v always thought you were so strong, or at least you handle everything better then I do.

I think you are going to make THE soccer mom and I hope the Lord blesses you with more and more boys heh
. Your one of the few chicks I know that can keep up.
I love you deeply and I highly respect you.
Need I mention you managed to find the perfect balance, mature/wise, along with radical and
goofy, bright and organized yet completely scatter brained. Elegant/ charming yet totally grungy.
Put all that together and you'll get a pretty close picture to what Stephy is like.
Happy birth day darling, i will always love you.

PS, I chose green cause it was dad's color
Also ur husband owes me a photo oh his butt

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Stephanie disse...

So sweet Marie... I needed to hear that. It made my day. I love you and miss you tons. Thanks for taking the time to write the post...it made me cry. I wish you were here... Lord knows what's best though. You're stronger than I am....I'm just better at hiding my weaknesses I guess. ;)

Goat poop....yuck! Although it's cleaner than some other BM's out there- Ahem! And I'll take a pic of Sam's butt for you... you know Sam, it takes a lot TIME for him to do anything and he tends to forget. But GBH!

Jaydee disse...

You know...I've always gotten along with female Virgos... It's the males that get me

crazynik disse...

Oh oh this was so sweet
I love Steff...she's the best. Happy B'day Steff...I'll be writing something on my blog about you too, for sure. muah muah
You guys have such an awesome family.

thisisme disse...

Ahh, happy birthday Steph, hope its the best for you;)

Jaydee disse...

hey, happy birthday, love...

Rosita disse...

Steph sounds so sweet... I love virgo's. Have a sister who's all that and more, the mushy, gushy, emotional type, scatterbrained and yet soo smart and all love and sweetness.
JD, you will love your virgo kid.