lots of things running through my head these days. Didn't catch a wink of sleep last night, the odd thing about that is I'm not at all sleepy. My desire to sleep has been overshadowed by another burning desire, a desire between me and the Lord. The thing that keeps me up tossing and turrning, sticking to my mind like an insecure child to it's mother's leg. Only I am compleatly unresponsible for this sort of obligation nor have I spawned it. I have no way of releaving myself, it's really compleatly up to the Lord, He is, after all, the one who gave me the burden. All I can do until my dreams (or rather His dreams) are made realities is focuss on today, this minuet, never beyond that. We all have various tecniques that help us cope, mine is simple; look at each moment as gone forever, find some way to enjoy that moment, sing a song, think and pray for a friend, just keep yourself entertained and ocupied. Another great one for when you start feeling restless is looking back, not the "Piller of Salf" kind of looking back, but the gratfuly remenising on how far you and the Lord have come together kind of looking back, that's when you realise just how good you have it at this moment.

As far as that irritating asperation that keeps you awak when you should be sleeping, watch the movie Brother Song, Sister Moon. Get through the whole film and ask yourself, what it means to you. Then read the CvC searese. Then maybe blog ur frustraitions without giving you're readers too much insight....


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Jaydee disse...

Love ya... You're doin fine, Ree... I'm proud of you.

out peace

Anônimo disse...

jus walk out of the city naked like Bro Sun did



I 3rd the motion that JD jus said

Ur doin Great
& R Very Proud of ya

Vana & Jess called me

chated with Martyn some

see ya