After the XD

"Reaping Aftermath Benefits"

Although I've not been able to partake of the XD I get to reap a lot of it's after math. We have had the honor of hosting 5 YAs who stayed with us a few days after the camp. (Pray I get those pics)!
I can't describe how wonderful it's been to hang with these radical youths. We were really honoured and blessed to have them.
We played, exchanged songs and danced around a fire, we shared our burdens and dreams as well as our heart brakes and desperations. We encouraged each other on all sides, there were no gloomy faces or clicks. We spent extra time loving Jesus together and renewed our commitments to our Lover. We played games, took bike rides in the rain and told stupid jokes.
How much greater must the XD camp have been if this was just the aftermath.
along with my "Ezmeralda" I met a very happy acquaintance, Augustin, the drummer from the band in the clip I posted a few posts down. "The Sausage Factory band...RAHHHHH!! And he was everything I expected him to be, totaly wild, in love with Jesus and the Family and dedicated to winning the world! Augustin shared with me a heart braking yet amazing testimony on how he sold his drum set to raise the money for both him and his pregnant girl friend (Marie Clair) in order for them to go to the training camp. In a field like his it's only by the Lord's grace that you are able to get equipment like that. To me it was a real sample on how our discipleship comes first, its probably one of the biggest pains to ask a musician to sell his instrument. I could tell he was feeling the loss but more then that was the confidence he had in that he did the right thing.
His future wife is also an Amazing artist who uses music as her inspiration for creative fairy art done with pen. We two battled over the right to have Marie as our first name and I eventually gave in (because she was pg) as Clay is the name the Lord specifically gave me and having another Marie in the house was the perfect opportunity to remind ppl to call me by my Family name. But even then " Marie Clair has a striking resemblance to Marie Clay no?
Even after every one was gone I felt they left a spirit of calm and serenity in the home. Thank you for that!
For every one still waiting for your XD training, I can only tell you that it's probably going to be heavy and totally awesome!! The spirit is moving ppl, its time to drop the weights and pick up the swords. I'm praying for you also because the Devil is pissed; as soon as our guys here got back from the XD they have been being hit like never before! Don't you love it? Nothing is cooler then making the Devil mad! Only thing cooler then pissing off D is turning on Jesus, and he is really turned on! GBY every body, I love you and ur in my prayers!

this doesn't do Marie Clair's are justice but it's the best I could get me wittle hands on!!

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