my very own little Erotica


So your a girl...no? (well if ur a boy you may want to read anyway... you could learn something)

Your hanging out with your girl friends talking about girl things and that very common question comes up "what's the first thing you look at on a guy"?
I myself have never had an answer to this question, not a real one. I shoot up random answers in agreement with every one else. Eyes, body, all are favorites. Hes charming, hes quiet... all are good answers.

But even though every guy has his cosmically fixed charm, I've always been of the opinion that guys are just guys, and I'm appreciative of them pretty much in general.

Who could be hotter then my brother Jess (17 single)

Recently, I have however, found a pattern in the guys I find attractive. They all have one shocking feature, (menacing music) "long hair" (screams). And it's really true. The first thing I look at on a guy is usually his hair!
Hair is so sexy, the longer the better. (sings) "want my hair like Jesus wore it Halleluiah I adore it"!
So then it is now my responsibility to let guys know what I find most fetching, this way maybe we can start a new trend, because nothing is sexier then having sex with a guy who's main cascades down his shoulders.

I understand that it's one thing when you've had short hair all your life, some guys DO just look better with short hair, but for those of you who have been sporting long locks your whole life, why "my love" would you cut your very sexy, very wild and totally messy hair? Why would you deprive me/us, of the right to dig digits into adorable curls, or the feeling of straight silky hair slipping through trembling fingers?
Why would you chop those lovely locks that you've grown for years? What foolish, pretty thing hath sullied your conviction?

A gypsy king and I had this talk just the other day, I begged and pleaded but was told that hair just gets in the way of sex. Don't tell me your hair never played such a sensual part in your bohemian love making? If it does start to lose its luster or becomes annoying, we can always tie it back, but once it's gone its gone! Once you cut it it will take years to recover!

So the Gypsy King called and as I was again pleading in tongues for his hair he told me he had cut it just that morning, at least about 4 plus inches, not so bad.

So please guys, grow, grOW, GROW! Don't cut your hair, I'll agree it's not for every one, your beautiful in all the many ways the Lord intended you to be, but something about hair just gets ME.
But who am I to claim any sort of authority in the northern pubic area? Its your choice, who knows, maybe this stupid post was JUST the thing some guy needed to insentivate him to grow, grOW, GROW!!

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Anônimo disse...

wow, is that JESSE??

I always thot that was very brave of you,,,to pose on the Santa Cruz,,,,rock,,,,right near where we surf.
Where were the surfers anyway?
I remember some people saw you from shore above,,,,iz that right?

GB Raf the fotographer

U R the only one I know,,,ever to have done this
but i will ask some locals to be sure.

yo dad

Jaydee disse...

ummm, all i can say is..."yuck"...and, your dad just posted.......

thisisme disse...

*To the above comments* Hehehehehe...

Amen, loving Jesus is da bomb. Especially when you say it out loud around a group of prudes and you get their prompt reactions to it. Makes you feel smug and bubbly inside.

And yes... hair.. home for the fleas, hive for the bzzing bees. Aha see!! your not the only one that enjoys that movie.

Nudity as well, its a wonderful thing. So refreshing at times... and you can get a wonderful laugh outta it in so many different ways (like the example in the loving Jesus thing) :P

Jaydee disse...

loving Jesus, wonderful.....naked SISTER,...yuck....(to the above comment)

mClay disse...

pls try and remember..."Nudity is not always sensual!"
I think Ho gets the spirit of the post JD, as for you,PLEASE.. we used to take baths together"
ur just pissed cause of my humps, my humps..(then three tiems fast"
So being "FAT" has it's up side .."check it out"! sticks tongue out

Jaydee disse...

... YUCK...!!!

Anônimo disse...

Dude (son)
to the pure all things are pure

& your jus jealous cause you werent here posing nude!

(note: I actually wasnt present,,,jus a few blocks or miles away from Raf & yo sis's craziness's

Stop acting JD & trying to embarress me,,u cant! hahaha

I know,,
we have had too much positive communications & your,,,,,bored???

Jus kidding

Long live

Loving JESUS

decently & in order

Dude Son

Love ya

Long Live Freedom
& Dre mentioning JESUS
coming running naked


JESUS help all the GP folks
who might tune in.

I might have to take your blog off my links, like I did Marie's so not as to induce premature persecution!


Anônimo disse...
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Anônimo disse...


another attempt

kathy disse...

marie i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your carefreeness and i agree nudity is the best thing ever! i love you tuns and miss you. xoxoxo

Anônimo disse...
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Aslkajack disse...

Wow, I totally think guys with long hair are very sexy. The sad thing is that they tend to have nicer hair than me, how does that work? Haha.

HURRAH TO NUDITY!!! If done in the Lord's spirit, of course, and not just to "be cool".

God bless that Augustine guy. I'd love to meet him someday. That's really inspiring. There's nothing like having the guy next to you praising his heart out to Jesus intimately and putting you to shame (you as in me). Meow...

Love you, Ree ree! Thanks for being a revolutionary! You're lighting other's fire while burning free yourself! xoxox

Teeny disse...

wowowowowowowowowowowoow that is some inteeennnnnssseee porno sweetie!!! Totally hott!! I love your freedom, its so new-bottlish of you. And I COMPLETELY agree about the hair part! Guys....GRROOOOWWWWW it out!!! It's the sexiest thing.

P.S. And I DO forgive you for forgetting me birthday, dear. I still wuv you. Muah! xxxxxxxxx

Anna disse...

Just a little comment about MEN (emphasis on the “MEN” part) with long hair. Yes, it is WONDERFUL, I would post all the adjectives for it if, alas, laziness hadn’t overcome me yet again, but it HAS TO BE CLEAN!!! I can NOT stress this enough, because for every good adjective I have for how enticing long, CLEAN hair on MEN can be, there are about 10 for how repulsive dirty, greasy, stinky long hair can be. So men it is X-tra work, but the benefits are countless!