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Please note that the blogger is discouraged. All day we have been playing way cool music (all original songs by random family youths). So so many of you are so RIGHT on with your songs. God bless you. Song after song and all I could think about was how I myself have so many that few will ever hear. Enough people write me asking me to make a CD, and all too often, I have to explain how difficult it is to get some one to produce. Shame, shame.
So then this one song came on, the guitar lead was familiar, catchy; but then the singer came in, it was pretty rough, off key, and it seemed like the singer had little experience at all doing studio vocals; it sounded like a cheap demo, it in fact Was a demo.
I asked Rachelle where she DLed the song and she wasn't sure. The fact is she WAS able to DL it, this alarming "crappy demo"! Oh, did I mention, the singer is none other then your very own "Marie Clay" Hooray!!
So please people, if you happen to hear the "redemption song" (no, not Bob Marley's) just take it with a grain of slat.
Also keep your finger's crossed as I am now manipulating some poor little 15 year old studio cat to cut a full CD for me, what do you think??

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Jaydee disse...

You can find Redemption on www.the-glitch.com this song is somfin you wanna hear if you haven't already.

mClay disse...

WHAT!!! are u telling them to go get it??

thisisme disse...

I already have it doll, dont worry. I still love your voice though... so when you going to come out with that cd??..hehehe. :P

Aslkajack disse...

Well, whoever said you should make a CD, I totally second them. And I'll be praying for it to come through soon, too.

Anônimo disse...

Precoius MarieAClay :D
U have come a long way
a broken heart & life
a fighter to the death
sing with your last breath.

hey, where did that come from
a dad's knowing heart & soul
the soul of his wild princess,
to help us stay free & happy

we will never give in...

all this to say
I have heard you all along
& all the songs your have recorded a great.

Please keep'm coming.

When you & JD
have a site where we can stream'm in, let me know too!

Well, i have the ones on NTLz
& so glad to hear you got glithe't too!


Sing with authority &
continue the love

It says in Psalms
"Sing unto the Lord a New song"


mClay disse...

tks Da, thats sweet

Julian's blog disse...

Hi Splat:
Glad I came across your blog...
I am also a painter, so was really keen on your graphic at the top of the page, in particular.

Anônimo disse...

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