To pose, or not to pose...TO POST THE POSE

"What" would I do without you?

The other day Every one went to the beach to visit the YAS from the São Paulo XD camp. On the other hand some one needed stay back and organize the Feijoada we were hosting for some active members.
I always find myself being the stay at home lackey and its really my fault because I tend to be a martyr.
Every one came home late and I went to work on a song in my room to try to avoid hearing about the festivities.

Every one came back but Jess.
Where is Jess? Oh she stayed at so and so's home.
Oh great!
Picture me sulking in my room when suddenly! A phone call... for me? Yes, it was Jess. Guess where I am? Where? I said but didn't want to know. John and Lilly's. Guess who I'm with? I thought to myself, how cruel of you to rub salt in my open bleeding heart. I said the name of the only person I've wanted and waited to see for the past five months. Yep! Well thats great Jess. I sighed. Guess where we are going now? This time I didn't say anything. We are on our way to see you!! Me, little ol me, you would risk trouble, lecture and maybe even banishment from the XD spectacle to make sure I get to visit with this very special some one??
I would.
Jess you are the best! Thank you for being so dramatic and for caring about the stupid happenings of my life. A true friend in every way. Enjoy the very special, very heart felt breakfast I have made you in grateful gratitude.

And you the reader, enjoy the folly of two extremists who were made for each other.
And lord, thank you for teaching me the very valuable lesson of always trusting that you see everything and reward accordingly. I love you my sexy darling husband.

picture EZ as Jesus

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Anônimo disse...

Ur deserve many rewards daily
dear lil bride

the pics only come out as "X"z here

iz it only on my putr??

pls to tell
& fix
if u can

is having babies
of course
its Gods Work too

Terri is in labor
might be having baby now
if it's time



mClay disse...

sorry, im not really sure why it does that, its a pain!!

Rosita disse...

So sweet Marie! The Lord will bless you! Muah!

Anônimo disse...

Tks for pics,,where is #5? LOL

Ur guys are so crazily cool

Love ya


Jaydee disse...

awwwww, how Darline. it's the sweet lil stories like that, that keeps me comin back for me...sigh

Jaydee disse...

i mean..."More"..