Peanut Butter & Frogs & Kisha

( The Arrival )
She had a bewildered look on her face, mostly fear... as if we would ever forget her at a foreign Air Port.
"Kisha is home" and acquainting herself with her new bed.
Travel rocks, even the lumpy seats that refuse to give into your back-side are part of the traveling experience. I miss traveling myself, Kisha has had enough for now.

I brought along a hefty piece of our home's famous banana bread to nourish her. She felt sick so I put it back in my purse where it is still, soggy and losing luster.

(Answered prayer)
I would like to thank every one (mostly the right on prayers of Ivan the Ho), Tks Da, the lump on my foot was stomped on by a throng of samba dancers. He (Edd) is now healing well and soon I'll be ably to enjoy jogging again even though the Doc recommended I didn't. what do doctors know anyway?
Thanks so much Mom for coming threw with my new jogging shoes. They are pink, some how I don't think you forgot not to get pink...but hopefully with enough running in the mud they can be turned to the darker side!! JJK, I'll take good care of them.

( Foreign Delights)
Along with such things as new shoes, Kisha brought me....drum roll.....Rrrrrrrrrrrppppp>>>PEANUT BUTTER!! AHAHAH.
Here peanut butter is pricy. I asked her to get it but didn't think she got the offline. That just goes to show how much Kisha rocks! Finger Licking Good!!
So after talking her into a stupor, we played a few songs and she passed out.

I then went off to "deep clean" where I found yet another little joy to make this day the coolest day in a while... a wittle wittle frogy on the window just above the sink. As the rain comes down the frogs come up! He had big bright eyes and was all slimy and brown, brown because he was on a wooden slab, but these little guys will change color at will. He tried to escape me but I simply had to have him, I held him as my captive for a moment. Slimy yet satisfying!
I wish frogs would love us as much as we love them... but I sensed he didn't, so, as with all my relationships, I some what reluctantly tossed him out the window. Wahaha... I've moved on.

I love you

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Anônimo disse...

a woodo biddy foggy
sitting on da sink

wen i pic him up
he turn brite pink

ah ma love
yo so tween

I tossed U out da window
to get some greens to eat


green frog
vs dead rat


Anônimo disse...

oops,,again a unrevized post


dat was twee(t)

iVn (aka Eric) disse...

Ree, I am workn on my blog as u suggested,,,long ago :D


kathy disse...

aw kishas so cool! marie i love the way you write...keep it up forever!

btw...you gota write more songs k????? love you!!!!!!

Jaydee disse...

WHOA, KISHA!!!,........I didnt know u went back to Brazil? do you know that i love you???

Anônimo disse...

nice stuff. you have to really have lived it, in order to write about it. some of us go through life with out leting life go through us.


mClay disse...

too deep

thisisme disse...

YEY!!Give her a kiss n hug for me eh??

Miss that girl tonsishniff

iVn (aka Eric) disse...

pls check my blog


for lastest
Lv U

Anônimo disse...

"If we are willing to take hours on end to learn to play the guitar, or operate a computer, or fly an airplane,(surf or whatever your passion) it is sheer nonsense for us to imagine that we can learn the high art of receiving guidance from the Lord without being willing to set aside time for it."


mClay disse...

totally amen anonimo..

Aslkajack disse...

Awww!! That's so sweet JD! So abstract, I love it. I love you, too!! And congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your family!! It's great to be in Brazil...