You know what I love about Jesse? He's got conviction in his style.

You have to be brave to try and make music for the Family as you'll meet a lot of criticism.
There is always that fear that people will think your a "total Poser" or conceded. Like that version Jesse did of "My Quest", I was shocked to hear so many people bash it. Well Jess, I thought it was brilliant, and I was sure to say so!
Thank you for sharing your music and sweet face with us. This song was just in season for me.
So let this one stick to your brain people, I love the part where Jess is playing the song for two guys!

Don't be afraid of stepping out, let us hear your voice; some will love it, some will hate it, but all should remember it, thats all that counts.

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Anônimo disse...

I thot u were talkin bout your flesh brother :D

Yeah, I liked the song,
thot it was perfect.

Also a preview of the Offensive, getting out there
& askn people if they wanna hear a song,
to open those hearts to our 1st Love & Liberator.

pls pray for me to be brave & do it too!

See ya

pa bones

mClay disse...

Yes, we all need to start showing more spine!
pa Bones?.. I love it

Jesse S. Pritchard disse...

Thanks Mclay.
I think I will add you to my daily links that I visit.

Jesse S. Pritchard disse...

Yes actually I was singing for the two guys like I would if I were to sing to two people. AKA witnessing :)

Amen! Anonimo.

Anônimo disse...

yeah, I been praticing down at the beach in the late afternoons of evenings,,,,

once downtown on the street for a guy who then told me he was a musician & thot I was good,,lol

very encouraging,,,but
wheeww, it sure musta been the Spirits.

I really need to forsake my pride & fears & be consistant.

Pa muscial bones :D

Anônimo disse...

beautiful song and style... the Family needs more of this stuff!!
Keep up the good work Jesse...you have plenty of fans here!

mClay disse...