love advice from loser

for a while there I believed guys had issues, now Im very surprised to find the fault may be mine.

Don't you just love being able to hold some one, tell them deep thing and roll around in the sand without that awkward feeling of "am I acting twitterpaited"?
Some times I think I've found the perfect guy pal, we'll dance, be foolish; right now, thats just enough.
Sure if the Lord thinks I've been a good girl and decides to reward me with a smashing/young/bull-fighter/Mountain climbing/Rock n Roll/Tree hugging/sappy love machine, then I'll in no way be disagreeable.
But when is it safe to say lets just be friends? And why, when the guy sees you're just down for a hiking buddy, do they treat you like your some kind of Jezebel? It's not fare I tell you, all the more so when the guy already has a reputation for sack raising.

Don't act like she broke your heart, you never planned on giving it to her. Don't make her feel like crap 5 years too late, acting smug all the while, pretending to be friendly when your really harboring bitterness and just waiting for a chance to give her a piece of your mind.
Every one needs friends, even I do, that's why I'll send you things in the mail, write you poetry, pray for you when your going through it; that's why I try my best to remember birthdays and make stupid jokes that will hopefully make you laugh but more likely make you feel like blocking me.

I don't have a secret agenda. I'm not a man, I wouldn't bother staying in touch with some one who lives on the other side of God's green earth just to possibly get lucky. If I write you, if I pray for you, if I send you stupid jokes and do my best to remember your sign, its because I love you.

I know its all my fault, I was stupid. Maybe I feel responsible for you or like I owe you a secret debt; or maybe people are not supposed to be friends after they've been "friends".
Maybe I should leave it alone.
Maybe ex-lovers make better friends. Maybe if we can learn to forgive, apologize, and maybe even erase the ugly parts, we can behold the person who we once loved and love them still.
I don't need to sell myself to you, life brings much variety and there is always a new experience around the corner, but by remembering you I'm teaching myself that nothing is lost when we realize we would never have made it this far without leaving old land marks behind.

We do not erase our love, we purge it and try our best to remember it in its purest, most innocent form.
To all the Xs

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kathy disse...

that was so beautiful marie, i loved it! xxxx