the quick n ugly version

Hello my love, we need to up date you yes?

From the far, dark, fierce continent of Africa hails a blue eyed, flaxen beauty!
So far she is sticking out quite nicely making a splash of colour in the midst of all us brownies; like the cream swirl on a death by Chocolate dessert.
I am enjoying her every so much (twinkle, twinkle). So much so, that I feel a little extra love time with Jess is in order to keep from creating favourites.

But don’t worry you Sagittarius birds, there is enough of me to go around. And as if living with two chicks that embody all that I loved in Niki isn’t enough, guess who is also coming to live with me?? Guess, guess!!
My little sister! You didn’t know I had one did you? Well neither did I, actually she is the only one who thinks she is my little sister but I welcome it with an abundance of joy as I’ve always wanted one.

So along with filling the lodge with revolutionary girls from across the seven seas, we have been up to other things…things like throwing massive parties.

We planed long and hard, the theme of the party was to be like a lounge scenario, all the girls would dress like go-go girls, serve drinks, and then a few of us would give a strip teas to the elated birthday boy.

Everything went just as planed until as guests began arriving, so did two of our sheep. A major set back as we had to scratch the sexy costumes, throw out the strip tease, and go into witnessing mode.

The culprit responsible for inviting the Activated members was none other then the birthday boy himself.

But with Rachelle behind the bar and the full support of our assigned hosting squad, the party was a smash hit and every one (including the JT chair-persons of half the world's major continents) we're very pleased.

Enjoy the photo show "Happy brithday Mala, we adore you"

in the end Mala got the pool

10 comentários:

crazynik disse...

Oh how I love and miss you Marie.... I'm jealous of the Sag women there that get to be with you. XXXX
Praying for you hun

Anônimo disse...

u guys r gay
jus kidding,,
lv u

thot that doggy was gonna bite him

Looks Fun

Glad to see ya all enjoying

Viva Brasil pra Jesus

Stay out a bounds

see ya

kathy disse...

marie youre so beatiful! i love you.

Anônimo disse...

that was a very inspiring & funny testimony



The Wittle One disse...

Marie, I feel redundant saying this, but you are Beautiful. Physically and spiritually, I might add.

I'm going to write you back, I promise :D.

mClay disse...

wow, that was very sweet wittle one, I don't know who u are, let me know who to thank will you?

Anna disse...

HAHAH! That was soo funny. I still am sad that I didnt take any pics with you all. Those are memories that you dont just let pass, and for some reason I did. Now Marie, dosen't rachelle have the most perfect nose.

mClay disse...

yes it lovely

The Wittle One disse...

Errr, sorry...this is Sonia from Activated.

Rachelle disse...

well, thank you Anna about the nose comment hahaha... you're a doll -- Rachelle