arms that hold us back

lately I've been down... every one is down so I don't claim special sobbing privileges.
I wrote another cheesy poem, so here is my pitiful excuse for a heart felt post.
loving you all from Rio

Take us away from this cynical race

who's worry and fear are most prominently traced
by deep set wrinkles on a young face

Make us believe once again
. in human hearts and honest men
open the poisoned clouds to a sky that's blue

the crowning trophy for all we've been through

and if possible

trade in every damp pillow for arms that hold us back
let the will to prevail make up for all the courage we lack

I have ended my search for mythical relics
Gaiety is but an arrow, a streak of light in the dark

propelled by the laws of physics
it's wistful flight ends buried in the heart

So say nothing more of fleeting joy, she is a moment here and gone the next
my hands seek something to employ, let me toil
for a common monument

So that it may be said of me
and this without regret
"she engaged to struggle endlessly, and we are better for it".


8 comentários:

sonialee disse...

Don't know if you remember me...

I loved this piece, and can so relate.
I can relate to a lot of your writings, poetry and otherwise.

I love you and will pray for you.

Anônimo disse...

sounds like a spirit helper writing ya Ree

I love you
Ur song jus came on Right this Very Minute,,Woe
on Glitch,,,,,Fighting the Rain
Super Like Awesome


My Sweet Marie
U will make a BIG differnce in this wicked world & R even now!

Pls Drink Deep of New Unbounded Wine
& Continue to BURN FREE
saith Lord,
Rise Above Upon Wings of Prayer My Love,
Unbounded by past
& thots
Make My Thots Urs My Swwt Love
& War
yes WAR
in Prayer & Prose
Song & Dance,
NEW Always.

Now come "Broken Wing"

& have FUN too!

mClay disse...

Ay Sonia, if this is THE Sonie from Activated, for sure I remember you love! write me some time, Niki has my E mail! Love ya

Anônimo disse...

new blog?


Lv U


calling all helpers

mClay disse...

Da there is no new blog, just a lot of love for you from me!...XOXOXO

josie disse...

loved it ree...keep your head up.xoxoxoxoxoxo

angie disse...

beautiful as always

Anônimo disse...

Tks for your love

I needed that

Say ILY 100 times a day. ha

Extreme Everything Good & Wonderful
in details
that make you One with His Thots & Deeds,,

c ya