I want to take you to this spot
its a clearing on a mountain top
I've seen it just outside my window

I don't know if you like these sort of things
but thought it would be sweet
to sit still and watch green things grow

Because I've been getting weaker
my outlooks become bleaker
Its been so long since I've seen a patch of sky

And if I don't get there soon
I swear I'll be doomed
to live an average life

We could take nothing
all I need is your loving
to give me strength for the climb

And our growing imperfections
will be overshadowed by His creation
the higher we go the better

Rescue me from my window
the valley totally blows
they can't stop us if we do it together

Lets run away, the more the merrier
I miss you

5 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

higher we climb
lower ego goes

His lakes cryaline
above slimy yuk

flesh seems so slow
spirits river grow

life in the valley raids
flower children parade

we got it make
in this fight
as demons flash in the night
cut to pieces with our delight

Then again


mClay disse...

cool paws

charity disse...

hey, were can i get all of your music? cause i really like it.

mClay disse...

I'll be working on a full CD in the next few months!!

Anônimo disse...

Kewl Beans, as a dear sister says,

Hey, pls pray for my fund-raising this week end. I need some special miracles of supply to pay bills monday.

As we agree & bind evil power & loose of heavenly friends & supporters in the Power of the Keys, it will be done.