(22 yr ol) - A idade do louco

I don't feel like birthdays are much to fuss over anymore. I didn't have anything spacial in mind but I just knew I didn't want the usual party,. I had planned a day at the beach but its been raining so the that will have to wait till cheerier weather.
Then, our sheep ( Lord willing new disciple, please pray for him because the devil is putting up a lot of glitter to get him to forget the idea of joining. His name is Rafa) called and wanted to throw together a trip up the Mountains. We had been talking about it for a while but being that the next day was my birthday, it was the perfect excuse to just DO IT.
things weren't looking too promising with the weather and all; I still had a lot of work to do around the house, but there comes a time when you have to stop being a martyr and say "hell yes I'm going to spend the night on a mountain with you"! I prayed the Lord would hold the rain for me and sure enough he did, Thank you my love BTW, you have the best ways of surprising me.
Getting away from everything has been my greatest desire for the last few months, thus the poem just below.
So, to make a long climb and a totally righteous night short, I'll post the pictures.

Umm, star gazing

the fight for early morning last drop

the fight for privacy

In Brazil they say "A idade dos locuos e 22" (22 is the age of crazy people) Thanks to the guys we did my 22th birthday justice. Tks so much Mala, Rafa and Jesus... I love you

11 comentários:

mClay disse...

Umm, happy birthday Clay...

thisisme disse...

Shh stop being emo just because nobody was as on the ball as you were love.

Instead, dance with me!!
Love you doll.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

mClay disse...

Ohhh, I will dance with you Dre, sorry we were chatting and the power wen out!!

Kisha disse...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REE REE!!! Just so everyone knows, we made Marie a breakfast with a special capuccino coffee (the only one left) for her for when she got back from the mountains. We all ate chocolate cake together (mainly the girls... sadly)and I bought her beer!!!! Now all she needs is some good, good loving!! Love you, REE!!! You are so beautiful inside and out. Happy Birthday!

Anônimo disse...

i agree with Kisha,,about ya Bing Beautiful,,even tho I yam a Pa.

But, Yup
Pls have Tons a Love
as you are worthy of.

Anônimo disse...

Marie...my little morbid potato.
You know how much I love thee, despite our recent quarrels...you will always remain in my little ol heart!

angie disse...

fuff...i tried to comment before anyone else did but it wouldnt let me.
happy birthday hope u have an awesome year and all that other stuff people say when its ur bday.
love u

mClay disse...

Ohh Anjie, srry bout that, I just fixed it now.. but I'll remember you as the first as myself doesn't really count

crazynik disse...

Happy Birthday my love...I love Love LOVE you and miss you like heck. Have a wonderful new year
Sorry this is a little late...been away and not online much.

mClay disse...

late is always retro

Jaydee disse...

Happy late Birthday sister...i'll post u on my blog. looks like u had fun