Now I know that I could put up some glamorous card about "best friends" but to be honest none of them really hit the nail one the head.
Despite what the hallmark people would deceive you into believing, best friends aren't people that make you coffee in the morning or hold you when you cry; those are good friends, those are the kinds of peoples you should hold on to.
It has occurred to me that all my best friends are the kinds of people who say... laugh when I get hurt, they borrow my things and I have to just accept I may never see my corona caps again and if I do they'll be stained with catchup. Best friends can call you stupid to your face in such a way they manage to convince you, they don't care to show up for your set at Word Stock because they've heard all your songs and have to set up their drum kit for stage one even though my set was about 30+ minuets and setting up an average jo Tamma Drum kit with Birch shells and basswood inner ply will only takes 10.
You know, my best guy friend was even shocked when I told him he was my best friend. And you know Sam, so am I.
And that one time you held me when I cried doesn't count because in the morning I found out you wer actually sleep walking and happened to stumble on poor little me all miserable on the couch.
Yes, best friends are those magnetic people who for no good reason at all you just can't get enough of. They roll their eyes when you say "why can't you do this for me just once, think of all the things I do for you"!
So why do you love the guy so much Clay? Alright I'll tell you, where else can one find a guy who will show you his bare ass on the spot, no questions asked? Where on Gods green earth can you find a guy who's eyes say more then he ever does making it impossible for him to lie?
And even though Sam has never been that good at giving advice, just the fact that all he says in our very deep conversations is "yeah... uhmm" tells me he is listening.
By all standards Sam is THE perfect man, which is why he is married to my sister.
See, I got this phone call about 5 years ago and my sister Steph was going on about this guy who was "so amazing". I asked her if the guy was cute and there was a pause.
Steph and I have very different taste in men, Sam is living proof that she has much better taste in guys then me. Who would have thought that guy Steffy had a little crush on would turn up at my door step in Anaheim California landing himself a special place in my heart winning his roll as brother in law. I guess that was his plan all along.
I'm so happy for you Steph, I guess fairy tails still happen from time to time.
So here is my poor excuse for a happy birthday card.
All my love to you on this your birthday! I miss you terribly!
A little link to celebrate our friendship" POP"

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Anônimo disse...

Yes, yes, yes. The time has come to relish the man who drums best.
Man, I forgot your birthday. I feel so bad. We were going to start recording the drums to our CD tomarrow but Ryan cut his hand really bad and he has to get stitches.
Anyways, happy birthday man. I miss you alot. I have to say, Marie 's post was pretty funny. But I do think your advise is mostly very wise. Not always.
I love you man. I pray this will be the best year of your life so far. I think it will be.

mClay disse...

the above comment is from Chris Sam

Jaydee disse...

Happy Birthday Sam...

crazynik disse...

Happy Birthday Sam! XXX

Stephanie disse...


Argh! You put me to shame I love Sam soooo much but I have a hard time expressing it in words...you know me when I feel strongly about something I stutter and say the wrong things so I apt to say very little or nothing at all but YOU....you missy "who are your best friends"....geesh!

I loved it! Thanks for putting into words what I could never even come close too...

Yes, I am truly lucky and No0- I don't deserve him!

I love you and I'm praying for you. Wish that you were here to celebrate with us... we could've really used you here...heh...Imagine...Poor Sam didn't even get all the beer that he wanted...:(

Take care...

mClay disse...

what! Not enough beer>>"!
Love you too Steph and I miss you like crazy

Anônimo disse...

Beloved Family,,,
Ur day Best
Ur so funny Marie
especially about Sams Looks,,,

Love ya Sam
Steff, everyone.



Anônimo disse...

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Sam disse...

What does a man that just says "yeah" say to that? Well i say that you are the new linda goodman... hmmm no. Thanks that was sweet. and you are pretty

mClay disse...

I'm pretty? sweet, but Lindah Goodman? humm Im sure u mean well. Love you man!

mClay disse...

PS, so where is my mail order ass shot?