CPD (croinic posting disorder)

Did I mention I did my first show?
I'll have to say we did pretty good as a band, we are pretty tight considering we've been so shortly assigned the title of band mates.
There are so many perks to performing, food, drinks and best of all quality time spent tuning the talents the Lord gave us.
You should have seen me, I was all sheeky: Alissa saved the day and put together something for me to wear as I am clueless and have not a single "little black dress" to my name. Dressing up is awesome but there was a slight struggle that came with forcing me to remove my jewelry and yoke. But in the words of the Epistle Paul "I have never made a sacrifice". Everything went but my anklets which I managed to sneak past every one's approval: who looks at your feet anyway?
To me this whole show biz is just a cash machine anyway, you got to put something in to get money out; I much prefer the Contato meetings we hold here that are so heavenly and require nothing but inspiration. I don't know how I manage to get by playing with these solid musicians, the only thing that's cooler then working with them is attempting to be one, and the only thing cooler the pretending to be a musician is learning to play BONGOS!!
Yeah man, this would fall more under the very rigid confines of Clay style, slashed up jeans, not a stitch of makeup and possibly a scarf thrown carelessly around the neck, it could also be completely color disoriented but completely "suck ur gut in" friendly, meaning it would provide solace as apposed to a skin tight, spaghetti strap top that demands posture. I mean really? How is that even healthy for some one who is already dizzying under the pressure of trying to hold third part harmonies?? Friends, these things aught not so to be!
Anyway, all this to say the girls have taken siege of my wardrobe and are attempting to make a diva out of me. "Could a Mis Veronica Ciccone please reclaim her cone bra and return my cut off pants?? They Shall Never HAve me..
In other news my long lost spiritual blood sister has returned having found herself impregnated by yet another of my X loves. This only gives me the conviction to accept this as no near strange coincidence.
Esmeralda is THE most on fire chick you will ever meet and I have been blessed with the orgasm it is to be in her company. We have been feasting off each other's fire. her being here is such a blessing and a token of the Lord's love for me. After the XD she will return to her beloved and I'm sure in due time the two will be wed.
take note young men, if you don't plan on getting married stay away from me, its complicated.
Also, Jessica will be returning this eve from her much anticipated 3 weeks XDing.
Along with her will tag 4 other young girls and a young boy named 'of all things "Sebastian" who has taken her hand in courtship.
I'm sure the next few days will be a blast as I watch from the outer circle many fun filled adventures re sited and the much groping that I'm sure will take place between the newly acquainted bird and bee. Also Sasquatch, AKA Phil, has also promptly dumped his FDTP fling upon hearing the news of the coming frothle.

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Anônimo disse...

Hey this is a cool blog! I know this is gonna sound odd and off the subject but since you live in Brazil...I happen to be looking for a home in Brazil to move to. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in Brazil...do you know of any homes that are looking for more ppl?

Anônimo disse...

Hi ma Rad Dau

Love & admire you more daily!

One minute your tranquilly bongoing
& the next your a screaming weirdo,,haha

Your Love Sign pic is on my background now.

reading your poem,


Glad your happy, fighting, winning & founf your nook,,,,,,& more.

See ya

mClay disse...

well, anonimo... being that I have no way of writing you back, I'll comment that maybe you should leave an E mail next time you post a comment so I can get in touch with you yes? XOX

Anônimo disse...

yes "anonimo"
better do as she says,,:P

I am posting this to help Terri,,

So, Terri hun,,U said, you were better now,,,pls do tell as we all love ya so & the baby ya know,,

even this ole hoe,,haha

& MO
will show
& the mermaids will help
& Florence Nightingale
& Joan of Arc
& Doctor Kroger
& Merlin & More

By Our Husbands Strips
& we rebuke any cough
& we send any feeling or hint of this sickness back to HELL,,

we call of the Keys of Health, Miracles & Creation,,

to Creat His Perfect Strength
to Creat His Perfect Birth situation,
to Creat JOY that another beautiful son of David, Mama, JESUS & the chidlren of the prophets of the end is born.

Love ya girl,,

Pls read,,if u havent,,the testimony in the link,,about that girl that was healed,,,,,from stomach cancer,,,it os sooo Faith Building,,,,& the Power is Always there for you & your Sweet One(s)

C ya

Anônimo disse...

Yes I know, sorry about that. It's just I can't post my email for security reasons, so maybe I can try to write you to your email.


Anônimo disse...

Yes I know, sorry about that. It's just I can't post my email for security reasons, so maybe I can try to write you to your email.