So its ur birthday, and what lyrics have I to offer that have not already been filled on the pages

I think I pretty much said everything about best friends.
I miss you, I miss your face and perfect breasts. Thank you for forcing me back to life when I was dead, even though I fought you in my postmortem.
I think 20 will be a good age on you, you always struck me as a 20 year old, now I wonder how it will actually look on you.
Don't feel old love, we can't be fools forever. All my affection to you...* Anita * also see Anita's song

Life is more beautiful when its been watered by a thousand tears.....Thats gotta be a famous quote!

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Jaydee disse...

Happy birthday Anita... Prayin 4 u

Sex disse...
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Sex disse...

thank you darl'in

but i AM old. and don't try to tell me otherwise.

love you more

Anônimo disse...

Sweet,,Super HAPPY B DAY

Dont know ya much
anyone close to Marie is Precious to me.:D


Pls pray 4 Joey & loved ones, as he broke in same place,,two differnt times,:(



Anônimo disse...

redid my site



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