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"The Sacred Art of Cuisine"

Here's a great idea from the master himself.

The other day I had finished making lunch for the home and I think I might have sparked a little fire under the cushion of uncle EZ's ego. The Ol boy watched with envy each and every home member's reaction; poking at each dish disapprovingly.
EZ is a well acclaimed Chef and has been known for his Amazing cuisine. I'v learned much from him but I wont let adoration keep me from creaming him in the kitchen, like so many student/teacher relationships, the pupil becomes the master.
Our home has been blessed with great cooks, each having their own strong points.
In light of this, uncle EZ (being the home's crowning Chef and all around brilliant Sagittarius male) purposed a competition, "one of his more clever ideas".
We will compete at every other lunch given all members of the home are present. Each cook will only be given 10 bucks to add on to the usual shopping list. After each vote the members will post their votes on the refrigerator.
Your competition will consist of the following athletes.
Ezekiel : well seasoned master of the culinary arts.
Rachelle Spring: saucy little Gemini multitasker; artsy and has a special knack for crowd pleasing.
Marie Clay: armature under-dogling who's only real cooking heritage springs from her deceased father who was also a Sagittarius obsessed with the divinity of a well cooked meal (also a culinary arts major).
Her only desire is to esteem her father's good name and circulate the joy she once discovered sharing meals (cooked with patience and bubbling in love) with others brings: also longs for world peace.

I will keep you thoroughly updated on the competition with pictures and superfluous yet exciting dialog.
You who are interested will be allowed to vote using a scale of 1-5 (one being the worst, five the best). The names of the Chef responsible for the particular meal posted will not be given till after the results are in so that there will be no favoritism.
The grand prize will be a dinner out with one other home member, to a restaurant of the winner's choice.
Let the games begin!

14 comentários:

thisisme disse...

Ohh, sounds like fun.. good luck to you.

Anônimo disse...

We call on,,,,,,,
Hvns Best Chefs
to help'm be clear
dilicious channels
that the taste-buds
of the hungry
will be exploding in delight!


the flat pancake


mClay disse...

haha, flat pan cake

Anônimo disse...

brainstorm time :P

JD/Terri's blog was down jus now :(

I wanna start brain storm blog

stay tuned

hows eats contest?

I give U all a 5

crazynik disse...

Yay fun fun
I hope you win hun
I have good memories of you and me in the kitchen creating "seafood" salads :)
Argh I miss you!

schoolofprophets disse...

new brainstorm blog :D

hey, ya'll. I need link to Lord of Dance!

Gemme gemme pls

mClay disse...

Ahh, I remember... who would have thot there are so many ways to making clow cal food.
I feel that in order for me to win here however, I must make my food to swim in oil, deep fried is the way to go with these guys... keeping my fingers crossed

Teeny disse...

Haha! Sounds fun! I'm voting for you, always :P xxx

kathy disse...

love you darilng! where did that guy get the thingie with 'sicilia' on it?? is he italian? sicily is soooo perdy. anyway i miss you and LOVE You. xoxox

mClay disse...

proly from sicilia as he gets to travle all the time

Wild Flower disse...

So....? Who won? I'm still waiting for the results...

Anônimo disse...

Why has no one else asked....but who is the chick with the pan for a face....?

mClay disse...

who are you first...then I'll share the know

Anna disse...

ohhh,its casue I am soo new to this blog thing, was to lazy to figure out how to but my name. It me anna. BTW, the more I ead your blog the more adicted I get. Its really fun